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No matter what type of explorer exe problem may creep-in; there could be no better choice as compared to DLL Suite for fixing explorer.exe errors.

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Know explorer.exe problems and the ways to fix them


It used to be that when a PC failed, it wound up sitting on a test bench surrounded by a battalion of test equipment. But, with the gradual progress of technology, the same is not really the case any longer. The reason is that many types of fixing tools (both paid and free versions) are available. However; needless to say, the free versions of the tools are able to tackle issues which are only elementary in type and genre. For the more complicated issues such as those specifically related to explorer.exe problem, it becomes absolutely necessary to look around for a custom tool, available for download from a high PR website - designed & developed by strictly adhering to a logical roadmap.

Excessive High CPU Consumption

Before you actually decide upon the apt fixing approach, let's go through some of the critical issues which could severely paralyze the normal functioning of the PC and thereby convert the same into nothing more than one sort of a mechanical junk. In one type of the explorer exe problem, it is observed that the executable version of the file constantly keeps consuming say approximately 30-45% of the available CPU. It is highly unlikely that this sort of a fault remains triggered owing to the influence of a specific genre of virus or rootkit. Some of the manual rectification methods, which do not really come in handy, as far as, tackling a similar type of the fault remains in sheer thought and deliberation, Running SFC / VERIFYONLY from an administrative command prompt, booting in the safe mode and carrying out a comprehensive clean boot procedure. Still, after the completion of the aforementioned manual rectification steps, it is noted that the CPU utilization refuses to scale down from the approximate value of say 30-45%.

There are several posts featured on the technical forums through which customers share their concerns about having to deal with explorer.exe high CPU utilization which occurs while attempting to access .FLV files. In this specific type of explorer.exe error, the CPU utilization value remains at an all-time high value of say 99%. This sort of a scenario ideally keeps continuing until and unless the process is necessarily stopped from continuing. It is only when the folder is set to display its full details that the high CPU utilization does not occur, but no sooner than the video file is again pointed at, then the excessively high CPU consumption all over again begins to have its full effect.

Class Fails to get Registered

The fault, which you shall take up for discussion, remains categorically related to a system loaded with a genuine edition of Windows 10. In a similar case, it is all of a sudden noticed that the start button / screen fails to work in the manner in which it necessarily should. This fault explicitly remains related to explorer exe error and a pop-up appears saying something like - "the class has not been registered".

Last but not the least, a specific type of explorer exe issue might result in an exception code to get generated best represented by the alphanumerical code as - 0xC0000374. Whenever the shortcut is pinned to the taskbar and then the launch option is clicked, explorer simply crashes and reloads automatically.


DLL Suite lets the gamut of all system users to fix all types of PC related issues, regardless of the genre or magnitude of the error.

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