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Know how to get rid of stubborn dll errors

When one faces dll errors, the first thing that comes to mind is to fix it instantly. That's the reason why most people attempt to fix it with the help of manual remedies. Users who have gone for manual remedies complain that they are only temporary fixes. For a permanent way out, one needs to go through this article to reach a concrete solution to the problem.

Errors during start-up

The Windows 7 system was running smoothly, but the problem came up when the user started the computer. When Windows was starting up, even the error codes started popping up. This happened each and every time the system started up. The error message said that there is a problem to start the computer as the specified module cannot be found. After looking keenly into the error pop-up, it was concluded that probably a rundll.dll message that was mentioned was giving trouble. The user ran a full system scan with the help of Norton Internet Security, but it did not have any effect at all. This problem might be linked to a corrupted registry with dll problems that needs to be fixed.


The user had a problem with the monitor of the system after a new motherboard was fitted. The error pop up started bothering all of a sudden! The dwm.exe is the Desktop Windows Manager process and it is completely accountable for any kind of graphic effects of the OS. This problem however cropped up in Windows Vista. Looking into the Event Viewer from the search bar of the start menu, it could be concluded that the problem is linked with the ntdll.dll file. The exception code is 80000003 and the exception offset is 0004884e. The system was started in Safe Mode, but the dll error started bothering yet again.

The BSOD event with variety of issues

The user was using the system for quite a long time and did not face any issues. However, the problem started after the Windows Vista 64 bits Ultimate started facing detrimental issues. As the computer was started early in the morning, the screen became blue and the system crashed. However, the user switched the power off and after sometime tried restarting the machine, once again. The system did not start up, but was stuck in a loading mode on a loop and kept on rebooting again and again. After a lot of trials, when the Windows Vista system loaded itself at last, the user came across several dll issues. Nevertheless, no applications worked and when opened, a message read that there is a wow64win.dll error.

Windows 8 System Issues

While using Windows 8 Professional, the user came across certain programs that just stopped working. As the program is opened, a message reads that says the program will not work. A trouble-shooter appears to solve the problem, but without a solution, the trouble-shooter disappears within seconds. The applications that crashed were the Nexus Mod Manager, Microsoft Management Console, GeForce Experience Mozilla Firefox Plug-in Container and The Sims 3 Launcher. After checking the event log, the user apprehended that the problem might be linked to the kernelbase.dll error, as it is marked as the faulty module for the APPCRASH. The user checked the compatibility mode, ran the administrator and even disabled the DEP (Data Execution Prevention), but nothing worked.

Dll errors plaguing other programs

The Windows 8.1 system was running smooth and the user at first did not face any trouble. The problem occurred as various programs malfunctioned and some crashed. The anti-malware software, Malware bytes just could not be opened and Notepad++ opened, but crashed within a second or two. Even Google Chrome crashed at times, while sometimes it functioned well. The user did not download, upgrade or update anything in the system, which might have caused any problem. To resolve the issue, the programs were uninstalled and then the latest versions were all reinstalled, but to no avail. However, looking into the event log, he analyzed that the ntdll.dll files were corrupted causing the mbam.exe and the notepad++.exe applications to fail.

Errors after upgrading the system to Windows 10

The user decided to upgrade the Operating System to Windows 10 and therefore clicked onto a free link. But, the upgrading lead to dll problem and every time the machine was started, the rundll.dll error popped up. Well, this was not just the only problem; the applications would also not start up. In fact, plenty more hitches came up on the machine. The computer faced system crashes, the system would freeze and then again automatically the machine would shut down. To solve the problem, updating printer drivers and running the System File Checker was done, but that did not help at all. The user decided that a fixer tool would be a better alternative to deal with such issues.

The concrete solution

When users started looking for a concrete and permanent solution to dll errors, they came across the DLL Suite. This software repairs errors in the Windows registry by repairing corrupted files from the system and replacing the missing files. From addressing problems like start-up errors to BSOD troubles, this software fixer is worth installing on the PC.

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