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To get rid of kernel32 dll problems from PC, Windows users can install the DLL Suite application.

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Know how to remove Kernel32.dll error from Windows

How to fix kernel32.dll error is quite a common question in most Windows user's mind. Rarely can these issues be solved with the help of the regular error correction software packages that are found free of charge. Even certain troubleshooting steps like uninstalling and reinstalling Windows, rebooting system and the like fails to resolve the error. Therefore, the best step that the users can undergo is that they can install certified and quality kernel32 dll fixing tools to arrest the above issues. Prior taking any final step it is important to have bit knowledge on the error.

Kernel32.dll is a DLL or Dynamic Link Library file that assists in handling memory management and input or output operations. While booting the Windows system, this DLL file is loaded into a protected memory space so that other applications of the system do not take it over. Below are a few of the issues that arrives with kernel32 dll error.

Error while opening Viber

Viber or Viber Messenger is a free calling, texting and picture sharing software, that at times go corrupt due to kernel32.dll. There are users who while opening Viber come across with an error message that the procedure entry point GetLogicalProcessorInformation could not be located in the DLL or Dynamic Link Library kernel32 dll. Thinking of how to get rid of kernel32.dll issue, the users head for all the possible ways, but hardly come across with any ways to run Viber.

Issue in loading Linksys

Linksys is a networking hardware product mainly used in home users and in small businesses. This software at times go wrong due to the above error. Windows users, at times, when try to open it, a pop-up box appears saying wusb54gc has caused an error in kernel32 dll. The message even adds that if the user continue to experience this problem, then wusb54gc might go closed. Wusb54gc is a compact wireless-G USB adapter that assists in connecting the users system to wireless network.

Problem when trying to install MS Office 2013

This issue is quite common among Windows users. MS Office, which is an office suite of application servers and services, at times go wrong. The above error even arrive when users tries to install Microsoft Office 2013 or other versions. During the installation process, the process suddenly stops in the halfway flashing the above error message over again.

LifeCam opening issue

A webcam from Microsoft, LifeCam even faces some serious issues due to the above mentioned error. Time comes when Windows users fails to load the Microsoft LifeCam software. Thinking of how to remove kernel32.dll error, users head for the good old manual methods including uninstalling and reinstalling the application, rebooting PC, using varied USB ports and even installing driver from Microsoft that runs the software, but none help in detecting the error behind this issue.

Apart from the above mentioned application based error, there are some general errors that users may encounter due to the above error. Below are some of the generic issues behind the error.

Random crashes and automatic reboot

This issue is quite common among Windows users. Time comes when users while trying to run any crucial task on their system every time encounters sudden crashes followed with automatic reboot. This brings in major disturbances to the users. Even after taking a series of troubleshooting steps, including system scan, safe mode restart, reinstallation of the system, cleaning the junk files, but most of the users effort go vain.

Failure in connecting internet

Today a day without internet is like hell. Now every individual is too much depended on internet. But when this go wrong, then it brings in much annoyance to the Windows user. While trying to browse on internet, time comes when user come across with an error 404 that means, whatever page the user tried to reach on the internet in not there. Generally this issue arrives when there is any typing mistake on the address bar, but at times the error might be due to kernel32 dll.

How to resolve the above errors

To get rid of the above error issues, users might install any available tool from the internet, however those might not deliver the users with any guaranteed recovery of the error. Therefore, it always recommended to install a secured tool only after a thorough research on the internet. Installing DLL Suite, which a product of VSKsoft will throw away the question from the users mind, how to repair kernel32.dll problems. This DLL error correcting tool will work on the computer system in a professional and efficient manner, thus delivering a healthy PC usage.

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