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To get rid of the DLL was not found errors in the computers, you can download DLL Suite.

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Know the process fixing error DLL is missing

DLL file missing error message can be fatal for the computers. The computers running on Windows operating system often suffered with such problems. Customers of the Windows OS often reported on different forums on the problems and they always try to find out a good solution. Now, check the problems some of the reputed customers of Windows operating system users.

DLL file missing:

Brian from Yorkshire complained that while installing updates in his computer, it suddenly turned off due to battery drainage problem. Next he charged up the battery and completed update installation process. Now the problem is, when he tried for opening third party applications, an error message erupted on the screen. For example, when he tried for opening the Google Chrome in the PC a system error from chrome.exe says that about DLL was not found problem. The message says that program cannot start because the gdi32.dll file is missing. The message also says that DLL is missing error message can be fixed by reinstalling the file in the computer.

After replacing the hard drive of the computer and reinstalling the operating system, Benjamin got an error message popping up on his screen. Especially while opening the Calculator or other preinstalled applications of the computer, the error message appeared. This message also said that program cannot start because the MSVCP140D.dll is missing from the computer. Even to boot the computer in compatibility mode, the same error message of 'missing dll' appeared on the screen.

DLL entry point missing:

Windows 10 32 bits operating system installed computer showed an error when George tried to scan the machine using Windows Defender. It failed in his computer showing MSVCR71.dll error message. The message said that procedure entry point cannot be located in the dynamic link library file. He tried his best to stop this kind of 'DLL missing' message from the computer by using manual processes but he failed. He had used the system file checker or sfc / scannow command of Windows Resource Protection at the Command Prompt. He opened it from the Start menu but it did not help him. He also tried for using System Restore for fixing the problem, unfortunately that too did not work.

Since installing updates for the Windows 10 operating system, Brandon got an error while playing videos. When he tried to play the video files in the computer, an error message popped up on the screen saying entry point is missing or not found. He suspected the latest installed updates responsible for this error message. Perhaps, those updates have corrupted the DLL file combase.dll and Comdlg32.dll. Because of the DLL not found error message, his computer was unable to detect the Epson scanner.

Fixing the message:

All of them used the DLL Suite to combat the problem of their respective computer that essays 'DLL file is missing' error message. They downloaded the tool from the official web page and found it supportive for all of the operating system versions including 32 bits and 64 bits. This software is quite useful that you can also try in your PC.

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