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When DLL file was not found in the system, install the DLL Suite to easily fix missing DLL files.

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Know what to do if the DLL file is missing

When DLL missing errors bother, then instead of fretting and running the redundant manual fixes in the system, it is advisable to make a strong move. One needs to understand how such missing dlls errors can wreak havoc with the system and then only finding an ideal solution is possible. In this article, the focus mainly lies on the DLL was not found errors and the best way to resolve the issues.

Skype application won't work

Working with Windows 7 on the new Dell Laptop was a great experience, but issues cropped up with the Skype application. Jackson could not open the program. Skype is used for messaging and also for video chats all around the world. He needed to use the application for business purposes, but no matter what he tried, the program won't open. Instead an error message came up that said the msvcp140.dll file is missing. To resolve this DLL file is missing problem, he tried to open the program while running the PC in Safe Mode, but had no luck. He performed a Clean Boot and then again tried opening the application, but still the stubborn DLL file missing error remained.

DLL is missing issues in Windows 7 64 bits system

If one tries to install the software Website X5 Professional software, then it may encounter some problems in the Windows 7 64 bits PC. Yes, such an issue was faced by Williams. He installed the software after a successful download, but came across an missing DLL error message. The error said that the msvbvm50.dll file is missing from the system. One needs to reinstall the program to help the PC function smoothly again. He followed the instructions, but that did not help in solving the issue. Although the software was compatible with the PC, he was absolutely clueless why the error came up. However, he was looking for an instant fixer to resolve the problem fast.

Missing DLL file errors while playing games

The Sims 3 is an exciting PC game and Simons just loved playing it all day. However, all of a sudden the application crashed with a pop-up that said the program won't function as DLL file is missing from the system. She was aware that this kind of problem was not a new one in her system. As usual, she uninstalled and then again reinstalled the game, thinking it would help. However, this time, nothing seemed to work. Rebooting and then running the System File Checker Tool was of no good. She found that the problem was not only with the Sims 3 game, but she could not also play any other games in the system.

Missing DLL files issues with the Dolphin PC Browser

When running the application, Dolphin PC Browser, Anthony received an error message that said the msvcp.dll file is missing. To resolve the problem, he downloaded the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package and installed it in the system. However, the problem was not gone and became more complicated. The system started freezing and this went on for hours. He was in a fix and decided that instead of trying any other dangerous manual methods; he would look for a fixer tool to solve the problem.

Problem solved in a jiffy

Since most computer users wish that the issues are addressed instantly, it is wise to download a fixer tool to solve such problems. The DLL Suite is definitely one such software that will help to download new files when the DLL not found in the system. However, this tool also helps in fixing the corrupted registry, while at the same time addresses problems related to system hangs, freezing of the screen, slow PC, system crash and so on.

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