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Know why a tool is needed to fix svchost.exe

Looking into the Task Manager seldom users have found plenty of service host running. Well, these files are also known as svchost.exe and it helps in hosting a number of services in the Operating System. However, if these files are corrupted, then it may lead to plenty of problems like high CPU usage, system freezing and so on. Let's check out what some users faced when this executable file got corrupted.

Some applications refuse to open

The user was working with HP laptop and running the Windows Vista 64 bits system. There were underlying issues for a long time. The recent problem was, however, a bit more cumbersome. As the user installed a printer, a message popped up that said the network card driver is corrupted. The same message came up when other applications were opened. The Internet Explorer was one of the applications that refused to run. The error message said that the problem occurred with the svchost.exe file and the faulty module was the netprofm.dll file. At this point, one needed a tool to fix the svchost.exe file and the netprofm.dll file for resolving the issue.

Slow PC due to high CPU usage

The user was using the Windows XP computer for a long time, but recently the system started running slow. Applications were taking more than a minute to open. Therefore, the task manager was opened and it showed that the svchost.exe is eating up about 99% of the CPU. Probably, it is the high CPU usage that is causing the computer to slow down considerably. The PC was scanned with the help of an anti-virus and although corrupted files were found in the system, but the scanning process did not make much difference. After a long online research, the user came across a tool to fix the svchost.exe application, which promised to resolve the issue instantly.

Computer freezes

After the installation of Windows 7, the user found everything to be operating perfectly fine. However, every few minutes, the intense spells of disk activity started hampering the smooth functioning of the system. The system would freeze for some time and start working again. Looking into the Task Manager it could be apprehended that the svchost was responsible for the problem. Services like Indexing, SuperFetch were disabled from the system and even the pagefile was set in automatic mode, but the problem persisted. The memory usage was only 50%. The anti-virus was uninstalled, but to no avail. To fix the problem the svchost.exe fixer tool was necessary.

Solving the issues smartly

If one tries to solve such svchost.exe issues with a tool, then downloading and installing the DLL Suite will do the trick. This fixer is not only good at repairing infected files, but also replaces missing files by downloading new files safely. Issues related to system freezes, system hangs and high CPU usages are resolved instantly by this tool without any hassles.

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