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Install DLL Suite, the best dll file fixer to get rid of dll errors from the system completely.

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Know why you need the dll file fixer

When dll errors come up it can bother the system functioning really bad. People do have issues when they get errors like these, as they don't know how to deal with such problems. An effective solution is to opt for the dll file fixer that would resolve issues like these in a jiffy. This write-up has focussed on various problems that users have faced with stubborn dll errors.

Start-up errors

Working with the Acer laptop that was running with Windows 8.1, Jack Simons started facing a dll issue. When he starts the system he encounters an error message that suggests that there might be a problem with the mdi064.dll. To resolve the problem, he decided to run the System File Checker. That did not help much. Since, the error relates to dll files, he decided the best way to fix the problem would be to install the dll file fixer that would solve the problem permanently.

Errors in Windows Vista

McAfee 3 is a great protection tool for online security purposes. Roy Williams had this tool installed in his computer and it was functioning well. However, while scanning this software stops at 78% and an error message comes up that states it's the AcGenral.dll issue. It could be apprehended that this is a dll related problem and probably this specific dll file is corrupted. Fixing such dll related problems from the Windows registry should be avoided, if one is a novice. That's the reason why opting for a dll file fixer is required.

Windows 7 with damaged dll file

The new Asus laptop was functioning well for a long time with Windows 7 64bits. The problem occurred when Jane Winston booted up the system and just as she was about to login, the Windows Explorer would crash. She could still get through the login screen and before the desktop was loaded the error message would appear again claiming that the Windows Explorer is not working. The error said that the issue is with the corrupt explorerframe.dll file. Starting the system in Safe Mode also gave the same error. At this point, she needed the dll file fixer to solve the problem.

Solving the problem

When people face such detrimental computer issues, then manual hacks might backfire. It is important to look for the software that could be easily installed and will take care of the problem. In such a case, experts always recommend the use of the DLL Suite, which is a reliable, safe and useful dll file fixer. Users who suffer from system hangs, slow speed, system crashes have benefited greatly from this fixer software. What more, it can also fix a corrupted registry and replace damaged dll files.

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