ntoskrnl.exe is missing

For fixing this ntoskrnl.exe is missing error, it is important for you to download the excellent DLL Suite on the PC.

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Learn how to fix ntoskrnl.exe is missing error

Due to the missing or corruption of any important file in the system, you cannot even start the PC. Ntoskrnl.exe is an important file which is required to run any Windows operating system. But if you get error message - ntoskrnl.exe is missing while working on the PC, then it becomes a big headache. Though it is a headache, it is not irremovable. There is a very simple solution. And in this regard, you can follow this article to get a clear concept about it.

PC start up issue

You often can face error, while trying to start up the PC. An error message may pop up on the system screen which says the Windows cannot start because ntoskrnl.exe is missing from the system. So you need to download the missing file to start the PC normally. And for downloading a new exe file, you should take the help of a tool, which specially developed to deal with this problem.

The most common BSOD issue

BSOD or the blue screen of death is quite common with the driver files. The driver files can make any application stop from getting started. You may see after the download of Sims 3 game in the system, when you try to start the game, the system shows BSOD. And to find out the reason of this issue, it is very general to run a tool which helps to find out the reason for this BSOD issue. And after running the BlueScreenView tool, you come to know that ntoskrnl.exe is the faulty file, which is causing this BSOD issue. The ntoskrnl.exe file is missing or corrupts on the PC.

No media program can be run in the system as the system is getting crashed repeatedly with the same BSOD issue. The crash is followed by the ntoskrnl.exe is missing error. The repair of the file has been tried by running SFC, but without any luck.

The right fixation

For getting rid of this ntoskrnl.exe is missing error, you can try to download a proper file repair software tool on the PC. And DLL Suite would be the best option in this regard. You just need to download the tool from any authentic website.

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