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For recovering the PC from missing DLL issues that comes while launching different applications, users can download DLL Suite.

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Learn how to remove DLL missing errors

A dll missing entry error can pop up on the screen if the file is deleted accidentally or intentionally. The computers running on Windows operating system can get application errors or APPCRASH problems if important and associated dll is missing from your computer. Sometimes the computer becomes incapable for detecting a DLL file or the system sub folder where all files locate. This could be also a probable reason behind dll not found error message. Now check the below problems to know about the issues of the program files.

File dll is missing error in Windows 7:

After installing updates of Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bits operating system in the computer, an error keeps on appearing on the screen. Now the computer does not allow for installing anything else. On trying to do the same, an access denial error message comes up. The latest installed updates have corrupted the msvcrt.dll file of the computer. This message is accompanied by an installation failure status along with error code 80073701.

While trying to install Google Chrome in the computer, an error comes up on the screen. The computer is installed with Windows XP Media Centre Edition. On doing so, a dll file error message comes up on the screen. It says that COMSupport.dll file is missing from the computer. If you receive the same error in the computer like dll was not found, you should download a dll missing fixer in the PC. At first, getting a DLL file error, you have to check the system sub folder. If the file is genuinely missing from the computer, you can replace it using a tool.

File dll was not found error in Windows 8:

While opening Microsoft Office Professional 2010 32 bits in a computer running on Windows 8 64 bits operating system, an error comes up on the screen. On trying to access the application from Start menu or from the Run command, a DAO360.dll missing error message pops up. Though this DLL file is entitled for the database files, still its absence acts as an obstacle while opening the application suite. You should try to reinstall the missing DLL files in the computer for removing the error message.

On opening multiple tabs in Mozilla Firefox in same window, the Dell laptop shows an error message. The computer is installed with Windows 8 Home 32 bits operating system. The error message mentions a system error of magcore.dll file. The message says that the procedure entry point is not found or missing. Though the computer has no updates installed recently in the computer, though the error of DLL file keeps on occurring in the computer.

Application error in computers:

While using the Prism Video Converter in the computer on Windows Vista 32 bits operating system, a DLL file missing error message comes up on the screen. On trying to use the application in the computer, a shell32.dll file error message comes up on the screen. The video converter application no longer works in the computer. The program file error message can be fixed using software.

Another computer running on Windows XP Pro 32 bits operating system shows an error while using the Arcsoft Photo Impression software in the computer. This is preinstalled with the Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bits operating system and the appcrash event keeps on appearing. The message says that the application has stopped working. At the appcrash event log, the fault module is ntdll.dll that has affected the executable file of the app. For this error or other DLL file missing errors, you can get a dll fix tool.

Blue screen of death:

While accessing the Kodak flipcam software in the computer running on Windows 8.1 64 bits operating system, an error hits the computer. This is fatal blue screen of death. On this event of system crash or BSOD, the screen turns completely blue. Not only that the computer gets into a restart loop but also the CPU gets overheated. This is ntfs.sys driver file error, not a dll missing error. The bug check string of the DLL file is PAGE FILE IN NON PAGED AREA and bug check code 0xa. If you get this kind of error in your computer, it has to be removed using software similar to DLL issues.

Error removal from PC:

For fixing DLL file issues from the computer, you can use DLL Suite. This is one of the best tools that can be used in the computers. The tool can also be used to remove any kind of program file issues. It has multiple benefits, besides the fact of repairing the corrupted files; this one can also replace the corrupted files. This software should be downloaded from the official web page only, otherwise it may not work. Apart from DLL file is missing, you can use the same tool for other DLL file issues.

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