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If you know nothing about how to get rid of erroneous d3dx9_43 dll files, you need to download the Dll Suite software on the computer.

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Learn how to remove d3dx9_43.dll error from PC

DirectX is a component that runs with the games and high definition videos. The computer would not be able to launch games and others if this component is missing. The program file of this component is d3dx9_43.dll, and it is located at the C drive. You need to keep the latest version installed in the computer as per operating system compatibility to play games and videos. Not only that but also because of this DLL file issues, you might get other application issues.

Processes of manual fixing:

To fix the DLL file of the computer, you may use system file checker of Windows Resource Protection. You can open the Command Prompt from the Start menu and type the command.

You can also try to create a restore point using System Restore to return the PC to the previous good condition.

Manual processes might not help to remove the problems completely. They can either remove the problem for few days only or they will not at all work. In case, if you are not technically sound or novice for using the computer, using manual process, you can complicate the scenario. Therefore, you can download and install a tool.

Issues while launching games:

After installing Windows 10 operating system in a computer, an error appears while playing games. Most of the time, while playing steam games, the error occurs. According to the DXdiag, the DirectX diagnostic functionality, the corrupted program file is d3dx9_43 dll. In that case, if you do not know how to fix d3dx9_43.dll file from the PC, software can help you.

In another computer running on Windows 10 Pro 64 bits operating system, an error appears while launching a game Binding of Isaac. The game fails to load showing an error message that d3dx9_43 dll is missing. This kind of error might appear in the computer if there are issues with the DirectX. Reinstalling the game in the computer shows another message that says that an internal system error has occurred. The message also mentions to check the DXError.log and DirectX.log during DirectX installation.

Game installation error:

While installing a game, Cube World in a computer, an error message comes up on the screen. The computer runs on Win7 Pro 64bit operating system. On trying to install the game, DirectX End-user runtime error message comes up on the screen. This kind of problem may also happen if you have not installed the latest version of the DirectX or installed one is corrupted. This error can happen if there are bugs in the computer or d3dx9_43 dll file is missing. If you do not know how to remove d3dx9_43.dll file from the computer, you may try to use software.

While installing World of Tanks in the computer, an error message comes up on the screen. The game not only fails to install in the computer but also an entry point missing error message comes up. The message says that the required procedure entry point cannot be located in the dynamic link library file. The computer is installed with Windows Vista Pro 32 bits Service Pack 1 operating system. If you experience such a weird problem from the computer, you can download a tool.

Video apps related issues:

A HP Pavilion g7 running on Win10 64 bits operating system shows an error while playing Netflix or other video apps. After installing the application in the computer, it shows poor display quality. At the same time, after playing a video, the application corrupts and stops responding within five to ten minutes. Then the computer takes almost half an hour to recover from that situation. This error might happen in the PC if the DirectX is corrupted and you may need to take necessary steps if you do not know how to repair d3dx9_43.dll file from the PC.

In another computer running on Windows 7 Pro 64 bits operating system, an error occurs while opening Windows Movie Maker. The audio and video is completely out of sync and audio is faster than video. After updating the application, now while opening the app, d3dx9_43 dll missing error message comes up.

Fixing the faulty DLL:

To remove the said DLL file problems from the computer, you can download and install Dll Suite if you do not know how to resolve d3dx9_43.dll files. This suite is easy to download and install. This software is user friendly and you can use it on any version of Windows operating system.

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