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Look no further to solve sxstrace exe problems

When the sxstrace exe problem appears in your system, you may see that you are not able to use any stored applications. The issue may arise at any time. It can happen after upgrading the operating system or it may happen after installing some updates. This issue can arise in all the versions of Windows operating system. All such types of issues have been discussed in this article as follows.

Issue in using Microsoft Visual Studio Express:

You might have recently installed Microsoft Visual Studio Express for Web 2012 and the operating system on your computer might be Windows 7. However, on starting the application, you may receive an error. The error may state that the application has failed to start because of an incorrect side by side configuration. The message may also instruct you to see the application event log. Such an sxstrace.exe problem may have occurred due to some system file corruption. It may also have occurred due to some corruption in the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package. You may try to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package. To check if there are any corrupted system files, you may use the System File Checker by pressing Windows key and R together.

Issue of updating:

You may have been using the Windows 10 operating system on your PC. You may want to update some software that is installed on the system. The older version may not be useful on the recently installed operating system. However, on trying to update it, you may come across an issue. The message might also tell you to check the event log. You may find that the faulty file is exstrace.exe. This sxstrace exe error might have been caused by some corruption within the system. You may try to use the SFC to check for the exact place for corruption. But, it may not show any result. You may then try to perform automatic repair using the installation media of the operating system.

System freeze:

At the time of using Windows 10 for the PC, the system may keep on freezing every now and then. There may not be any particular event when the system might freeze. You may find out the details of the issue by checking the event viewer from the start menu of the system. On checking it, you may find that the faulting application name is microsoftedgecp.exe and the faulting module name is emodel.dll. It might also show that the exception code is 0xc0000005. It may also show that the activation context generation has failed for C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15\lync.exe.Manifest". It might also show that an update has failed with the error code 0x80070002. This sxstrace.exe error may have been caused due to system file corruption.

How can you stop the issues?

Any problem in the registry can be solved by manually by fixing the registry. However, the process is risky and it may cause some damage to the system. The sxstrace.exe issues can only be solved if you install a proper sxstrace.exe tool such as DLL Suite. This tool can be easily used to repair all the damaged files of the system. It can also help you in replacing the corrupted files.

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