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DLL Suite is best tool to solve svchost.exe related issues of various kinds on different versions of Windows.

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Looking for the best svchost.exe error solving tool for Windows

Of all the issues that might intimidate you, the ones that have everything to do with the .exe files are the most frustrating ones. You will be able to solve the issues at times with the tools that you find free of cost all right. However, the solutions are only temporary. They need to be solved with the help of the svchost.exe fixer tool that are developed particularly to deal with these issues. Here are a few of the issues for your perusal that you face due to corrupted or missing svchost.exe file.

Slow running of PC after installation of updates

There are times when you find that you are not able to run the system after you have installed the Windows updates. Whenever you try to run it, you get an error message. The message says Windows cannot run as there is not enough disk space remaining. This happens when there are a number of instances of svchost.exe present in system. This can be seen from the task manager, which shows the files running all at a time. This reduces the Windows running speed.

This happens more so after faulty installation of Windows updates and this can only be solved with the help of a quality svchost.exe fixer tool. You will not be able to solve this issue with the help of the free troubleshooting tools. Even the most popular methods of troubleshooting like uninstalling and reinstalling Windows do not help.

Application does not install

Sometimes you find that you are not able to install applications. Whenever you try so, you get an error message, which says applications cannot be installed. Whenever they try so they get an error message. It says application cannot be installed as the svchost.exe has a high memory usage.

This happens when there is a handle leak in the Winmgnt Service, at the time of installation of Windows Management Framework.

This issue surfaces up as and when a handle leak takes place in the Winmgmt service following installation of the Windows Management Framework 3.0 on the computer. If you do not know about Winmgmt service, it is a WMI or Windows Management Instrumentation service, present in the svchost.exe process, which runs under the LocalSystem Account. This can only be solved with the help of svchost.exe fix tool specifically developed for this purpose.

The solution that works

A svchost.exe error fix tool developed specifically to deal with this issue will come in handy in these cases.

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