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A software like DLL Suite can easily make DLL fixes on the system resolving varied computer errors.

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Making DLL repairs to Solve Computer Issues

The blame for computer mal-performance can be broadly given to two factors. One would be virus and malware infestations. The other would be malfunction of the core system files. Now to solve some of the problems that can arise from the latter cause can be rather difficult. For starters, it is necessary to understand which file is at fault. And there are hundreds if not thousands of system files on the computer. Now after the diagnosis, the next part would be fixing these issues. So here are few examples regarding errors with DLL files. Knowing the problems can help find repairs for the dll issues as well.

Firefox Browser is Freezing

Arguably, one of the most important aspects of using the computer is to gain access to the internet. And the software dedicated to help doing so are termed as internet browsers. But these browsers being a software, has the potential for running into error instances.

For example, here is an issue reported by Ariadne on her Windows 7 Dell laptop. She is using Mozilla Firefox browser, but as of late she has been facing some issues. Every 5 to 10 minutes into her session, the entire browser freezes and a 'not responding' signs shows up. Now doing further research into the matter, she finds that multiple DLL files require fixes and there is some severe file corruption in her system.

Cannot use Norton

As mentioned earlier, viruses are one of the causes for system errors. However, an antivirus software such as Norton can keep such troubles at bay. But what if some system file related issue has rendered the antivirus protecting the system, totally useless.

Here is a problem posted by Barry. His computer is unable to run Norton 360 antivirus because of a missing DNSAPI.dll file. Now this issue is basically double trouble. Not only is his system now compromised towards the threat of viruses and malware, but he also has some corrupted or missing system files as well. Hence fixing for compromised dll files should be done in time to avoid such troubling problems.

Cannot Open Microsoft Office Excel

Microsoft Office Excel is the best and most popular spreadsheet creating and editing application currently available. However, if there is some internal issue with the system or with files concerning the app, then it can face problems.

Here is an issue posted by Cornell where Excel ceases to open on his Windows 8.1 Toshiba Laptop. As per the reports, whenever he tries to execute Excel, an error message shows up with an error code 0xc0012f. On the error message, it is also cited that MSVCP140.dll is not designed for Windows. Hence it can be considered that the problem is an issue regarding dll file corruption and repairs need to be done to fix the problem.

BSOD Issues after Installing Software

A blue screen of death or BSOD is considered to be one of the most critical type of computer issues. It is caused when severe damage has been done to core system files. Thus a very important DLL file getting deleted or corrupted can result in such BSOD episodes.

To put some light onto this matter, here is a problem posted by Henry. After installing a couple of software on his system, he has started experiencing random BSOD events anytime during his sessions. Primarily he is not able to understand which software in specific is causing the issue. Only things that he knows is that there is some error with halmacpi.dll and ntkrnlapa.exe. This is an example that can show how important it is to get DLL fixing as soon as possible. Or else one corrupted file can damage another and such BSOD events can start taking place.

Cannot Use Windows Media Player

Using default software whenever possible is a recommended means for reducing the number of programs and apps installed on the system. With lesser third party software, chances for file corruption becomes slimmer.

Now Windows Media Player or WMP is the default music player on Windows OS. However Danny reported facing issues running WMP on his Windows 7 Dell PC. As per his report, the application failed to start no matter how many times he tried. He only got an error message pointing to error message 0x57a55 and mentioning fault with CompPkgSup.dll file. Hence he needs to quickly make fixes on this dll file as most likely it is a core file which can cause other problems.

How to Resolve These DLL Issues?

If the computer is infected with viruses and malware, then there are dedicated software like antivirus to help. Similarly for computer errors caused by faulting files, there are dedicated error fix tools as well. For example, a software like DLL Suite repairs dll issues on the computer to help everything run smoothly. It can easily scan the system to find out erroneous DLL files and apply appropriate fixes to stop any issue from ever arising.

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