Wmvcore dll is missing

To prevent the error message 'Wmvcore dll was not found' from coming up on random note, you have to install DLL Suite.

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Method to eliminate the error 'Wmvcore.dll is missing'

If a particular DLL file goes missing from the system sub folder, then it could be easily predicted that the file may have become corrupted by the infection of some malicious malware. If you try to download and replace the missing dll file, you may not be able to succeed in the first instance. However, highlighting on some like incidents, this article would provide you with all the necessary information.

Dll file missing issue while downloading game:

Whenever you try to download any game such as 'Perception' on a Windows 8 Pro installed system, you are unable to complete the download process. In addition to this, you are also prompted with an error message that denotes 'WMVCore.DLL is missing' from the system. You can try to start the download process all over again but would be prompted with the same error message. So, corresponding to the error notification, it can be concluded that since the above mentioned DLL file is missing from its actual location in the system sub folder, you are unable to download the game.

Windows Movie Maker issue:

On a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits system, you also encounter a problem while you attempt to start Windows Movie Maker. The application can be downloaded very smoothly, but the issue comes up after you try to open the application. The error message that pops up suggesting for the reinstallation of the program but still the error cannot be fixed. Therefore, it can be assumed that since WMVCore DLL is missing from the system, you are unable to initiate the program. Moreover, you can try to download the files again from the Microsoft website but still fail to solve the missing file issue.

Some identical situation also crops up when you try to install Windows Media Player on a Windows 10 running on Toshiba Satellite laptop. Even after successful installation of the application, whenever you wish to open it, you are obstructed with an error message. It states that WMVCore.DLL missing. None of the efforts could help you to keep away from the error message. Therefore, it may happen that some infected virus has overwritten the mentioned DLL file and so it could not be found.

Application crash issue:

You also face problems with the app crash incident after you upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 version. To be more specific, the problem comes up with the crash of Windows Explorer. Every time you load explorer.exe file, it crashes after working for some time. In such a situation, the corrupted Windows system files could be held responsible for the app crash issue. In addition to this, it could also be said that since WMVCore DLL missing and could not be found in its actual location, it results in the Windows Explorer to crash on a random note.

What could be the solution?

In order to get the best solution after your system has encountered 'WMVCore is missing' error notification, you can try to install DLL Suite. The Windows registry corrupted file issues could be rectified significantly by the use of this software.

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