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One way to fix problems generated by svchost exe file is to install DLL Suite in the system.

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Method to remove svchost exe errors

The svchost exe system process hosts numerous Windows services and errors and relating to it may come up irrespective of any operating system that you work on. Elaborating about some similar issues, you will be benefitted as you go through this article.

High CPU usage issue after Windows Update:

On a Windows 8.1 installed Toshiba Satellite laptop, you started to come across certain complexities after Windows automatically installed some of the updates. Immediately after this incident, the system restarted and behaved in an abnormally high CPU usage syndrome. On arriving at such a situation, when checked through Task Manager, it has been found that svchost.exe runs as multiple processes and used most of the CPU space. Even after you restarted the system and manually tried to fix the issue, you failed to achieve any outcome. So, it could be asserted that during the update installation process, the svchost exe file had become corrupted.

BSOD event from sleep mode:

You were confronted with constant BSOD event after you resumed a Windows 7 Home Premium installed Samsung laptop from the sleep mode. According to the details of the dump files, it could be said that ntkrnlmp.exe could be held responsible for the occurrence of the BSOD event. Further 'APC_INDEX_MISMATCH' string of error message indicated that there has been some mismatch in the APC state index along with the faulty system driver. In addition to this, corruption of svchost exe could be regarded as a reason for the BSOD event.

Issue while downloading game:

When you tried to download the game 'Overwatch', you were unable to complete the download process. The error message that popped up indicated that since svchost.exe file got corrupted in the system, the game could not be completed. In addition to this, you could also try by clearing some of the cache files from the Windows Store in order to download the game. When none of the efforts could provide any help, it could be said that some effective tool need to be used to rectify svchost exe error from the system.

Troubleshooting the exe error:

As a permanent solution for the svchost exe error, you need to install DL Suite from VSKsoft that would help to achieve the desired result. Get the same, without wasting any more time.

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