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To recover missing dll files on Windows, please use DLL Suite software.

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Method to restore missing dll on Windows PCs

DLL files are essential for the smooth functioning of the computer. They control the installed programs on the computer and help them in providing desired results to the user commands. But sometimes these DLL files meet some errors which create issues for the computer to run smoothly and offer desired results. The incorrect installation of an application or incorrect update the Windows, or a malfunctioning hardware, etc. they can give towards loss or corruption of the DLL files. During these times, the user needs to recover my dll files so that the computer can once again run smoothly. Here are some instances where the user faced issues due to DLL errors:

Issues while loading a game:

One user had a computer with Windows 10 operating system. The user faced issues while trying to load the game Sims 3 o the computer. The game would not start at launch and a message would pop up on the computer screen stating that MSVCP100.DLL is missing from the computer. The users tried various manual fixes to recover dll files like removing and reinstalling the game on the computer or doing a clean installation of the Windows. But that did not solve the issue. To correct the error, someone online suggested him some fixes that tempered with the settings of Windows Registry. But the user did not try them because he is not much familiar with the functions of the Windows Registry.

Issues loading the backup files:

A Window 8.1 user had backed up her computer using the Backup and Restore option available on the Control Panel of her computer. While trying to restore the backup files, her computer ran into an error and produced an error message that the MSVCP71.DLL is missing from the Windows Registry and the backup of the files could not be completed due to it. This error was quite new for the user and she used the help of the internet to know more about the error and find a possible solution to the issue. The internet suggested the user run the SFC tool to find the corrupted or missing files and restore them. But the Windows dll recovery tool could not find anything suspicious or corrupt on the computer. So now the user is still unable to recover deleted dll files and restore the backup on her computer.

Issues while printing:

A user had a Toshiba 505 laptop with Windows 7 operating system. The user was unable to print the emails on the Windows Live Mail email client, and every time he tried to print an email, the computer would prompt that the ieframe.dll was missing from the computer. However other applications like Microsoft Word could print documents seamless without any issues. This problem was quite annoying for the user and he wanted a quick solution for the error. The internet suggested him some fixes like removing and reinstalling the email client on the computer or running the Microsoft FixIt for the specific issue. However, both the fixes were unable to correct the issue and the user is still unable to print his emails.

Issues with Adobe Acrobat Reader:

A user used a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 7 operating system. She had recently installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader on the laptop. But the application could not run on the system. Whenever the user tried to run the application, the computer would run into an error and tell her that a serious DLL error had been detected and the application could not run due to it. To correct the issue, she removed and reinstalled the application several times on the computer, but that did not resolve the issue. The user did not know how to restore missing dll files on the computer. Thus the issue remained unsolved and she could not user the application on her computer. The user could try a good Windows dll recovery tool which is able to solve the issue in no time.

How to recover missing dll files:

To know how to recover dll files missing, the above-mentioned users can use the most reliable Windows dll recovery software called DLL Suite. Users can download this application from its official website and clean the computer of all DLL related worries. This tool can efficiently recover all dll files by downloading the correct and up to date versions of the DLL files.

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