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To resolve DLL errors issues that appears while booting, re-booting or running any application on computer, use DLL Suite.

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Methods to Fix DLL Errors

One or the other day, if your computer is come across with varied issues while booting, re-booting or running any application along with an error message that relates to DLL error, then it's time to repair it. Any DLL error, if overlooked, can bring in massive damage to the whole system, leading to complete crash. To avoid this it is always recommended to fix DLL errors at the very beginning. One can find a list of methods to deal with this error, yet it is always recommended to go for the healthy and secured solution, that can assist your PC to get rid of the error permanently.

Here we are going to discuss with main 2 methods, - manual method and automatic method, when it comes to DLL errors fixing.

Manual Method

DLL being a non-executable application, required to run other programs, the initial step to fix its error on a manual process, is to identify the source of the error. A thorough examination of the original error message, its file path, and the program that threw the error are all the basic acts to troubleshoot this error easily.

Update Drivers: Mostly DLL error takes place due to out-dated hardware drive. In that case, it is always recommended to update the driver on a secured process.

Scan for Virus: It is the other cause behind DLL error. If your PC is coming across with this error, it is recommended to scan for virus, malware or spyware.

Restoring of Computer: Even after working on all the above general causes behind DLL error, it is important to go for restoring computer manually. To do this, start your PC on safe mode and search for rstrui.exe on the Run prompt. After pressing on Enter, a Window System Restore Wizard will open. Now to proceed, click on the Next button, select the date you want to restore and finally click on OK.

Automatic Method

According to many Windows users, automatic method to fix DLL errors, are the best way to deal with the error in no time. It is regarded as the most easy, secured and permanent solution to this error, unlike the manual one. Therefore when it comes to DLL error fixing, it is always recommended to install DLL Suite.

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