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Methods to correct and repair dll files

The DLL is an essential part of the computer. It watches the tasks assigned to the computer and completes them accordingly. An error, corruption or loss of DLL can cause huge issues for the computer as well as the user. The errors in the DLL files can make the computer slow and sluggish, the computer and the programs installed in it can become unresponsive towards user commands, the system may crash frequently or cause the most damaging 'Blue Screen of Death'. The BSOD is an event where the computer system is unable to run safely. To prevent these issues, the user needs to repair the incorrect DLL present in the computer. In this article, the issues related to various DLL connected errors and their possible solutions will be discussed elaborately:

Issues in running Skype:

Sometimes after updating the Windows, some users face trouble in running various applications like Skype on their computer. One user named Sharma from Lucknow had recently upgraded her Window 8 operating system. After completing the upgrade, she installed several applications like Skype and Microsoft Office Suite on her computer. After installing Skype, she was unable to open the application. Every time she tried to run the program, the computer notified her about the possible corruption of few DLL files like Api-Ms-Win-Crt-Runtime-L1-1-0.dll. To repair DLL files, Krishna removed and reinstalled Skype several times on her computer. But that did not solve the issue.

Krishna searched for some possible solutions for the issue online. But found nothing that could help a novice user like her.

Issues with Internet Explorer on Windows 8:

Sometimes the Internet Explorer installed on the computer can run in a faulty way and errors may come up. Once a user named Morrison from Florida faced such an issue with this browser. Every time he tried to open a new tab on his browser, an error message would pop up and tell him about a possible error in the computer. And at times the application would crash suddenly. The issue was becoming an annoyance for James and he was searching for possible solutions to the issue online. The internet suggested that this error happens mostly when the IEFRAME.dll get corrupted and a repair of this DLL file is required to correct the error.

On the suggestion of an internet forum, he reinstalled the internet browser but that did not solve the issue. What James needed was an efficient DLL fix tool which could correct the issues in no time.

Issues in running Photo Gallery on Windows 8.1:

The Photo Gallery is a part of the Windows Essentials Suite. Sometimes this application can produce various errors on the computer. One user named Smith from Washington faced issues on her computer due to this application. When she tried to open Photo Gallery, the computer ran into error code 0x8007c1 and crashed. The minidump files created during the error pointed towards some issues in the WLXphotoLibrarymain.dll and probably the errors were happening due to it.

To fix DLL related error, Helen used the Microsoft Fix It tool. However, the tool was unable to find possible causes for the error. Later on, she attempted a repair of the application through the Programs and Features options available in the Control Panel of the computer. However, that too did not solve the issue for her.

Problems in Running Microsoft Games on the computer:

An error in the computer can happen when a program runs in a faulty way. Something like this happened to Jayson. Kelly had a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. She faced issues while running the game Halo 2 on her computer. The game would load very slowly on the computer and at times freeze. The possible cause of such issues in the game, as pointed out by an online forum, it was corruption in the xlive.dll file. A necessary correction of the file was essential to run the game smoothly.

Kelly could not solve the error on her own and was desperately searching for some solutions for the error.

Solving the DLL errors:

To fix incorrect DLL present in the computer, the given users can use DLL Suite. This application corrects the DLL related errors in a swift way. The issues like slow PC and sluggish performance of the computer due to DLL issues can be handled by this application in no time. This dll repair tool downloads the correct DLL from a trusted source and re-registers them simultaneously on the Windows Registry. Thus it helps novice users who do not know how to download or register the DLL files on the computer.

An application meant for a non-technical person, this tool is the go-to application to solve all DLL related errors.

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