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To repair a DLL file in your system, please use DLL Suite.

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Methods to repair DLL file

The computer is a very complicated machine. It needs various tools to carry out assigned tasks in an error free way. One of such tools is the DLL file. These DLL files control the computer and guide it to complete its tasks. An error on its part can make the computer malfunctioning, slow, and in extreme cases can cause irreversible damages to the computer. To avoid these ill effects, the incorrect DLL file needs repair.

In the given article you will come to know various issues handled by the technicians' on the error of the DLL and their possible correction.

Issues with Microsoft Outlook 2010:

A customer had a computer with Windows 10 operating system. He faced some issues with his Microsoft Outlook email application. Every time he tried to open an email on this email client, the Microsoft Outlook would run into an error and close automatically. The customer tried to fix the error manually by disabling the plug-ins in the Microsoft Outlook. Also, he tried to scan the system of the possible virus and malware related errors. However, nothing could solve the error. At last, he reinstalled the Microsoft Office Suite which hosts the Outlook along with other Office applications. That too did not offer any fruitful results. The Event Viewer pointed towards faulty MSPST32.dll and this DLL file needed repair. The customer came to the technician because he did not know how to repair dll file.

Internet Explorer won't open:

A customer came with an issue on her Windows Vistas running computer. While trying to open Internet Explorer 9, the application would crash immediately. The Event Viewer log pointed toward a faulty ieframe.dll file. Probably this file was behind the crash and a repair of this DLL file was needed to rectify this error. In cases like these, you as technicians would suggest the customers to use a good and reliable DLL file repair tool which could solve the issue in no time.

Issues while playing games in Windows 10:

One customer had recently upgraded his computer to Windows 10. After the upgrade, he was unable to play the games like Luxor: Amun Rising and Elf Bowling. Every time he tried to run the game on his system, the screen would flicker and the mouse would move uncontrollably. The customer tried to solve the matter by reinstalling the game but that did not solve the issue. The error was probably due to a corrupt DLL file and its repair could solve the issue. For that, he needed a reliable DLL repair software.

The Solution:

The repair of the DLL file can be done with the help of DLL Suite. The application is an all-rounder, which solves all DLL related errors and simultaneously re-registers the correct DLL files in the Windows Registry. This DLL error repair tool is specially made for the novice users who are unaware of the technicalities of the DLL files and are uneasy with implementing the manual fixes on their Windows Registry.

Compatible with over 75 different versions of the Windows, this tool thus caters to a lot of computers and their DLL related issues and errors.

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