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Windows 7 problems arise due to missing .dll files which can be handled using the DLL Suite application.

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Missing DLL files and Windows 7 problems

DLL files are important for the proper functioning of the system. A single DLL file is used by multiple applications and programs. Hence it is clearly perceivable that problems with DLLs can reciprocate in multiple applications as well. Such problems includes certain features not properly working, some programs not opening, Windows 7 missing DLL files , and the sorts.

Now with each of these problems or computer errors, the system will generate an error message. The error message is there to indicate the user about the problem and provide some details on the matter. However, understanding the error message requires the user to have sound computer know-how. Hence for average or regular users, here are some common computer errors that occurs on Windows 7 due to missing or corrupted DLL files. This article should prove to be educative on the subject - Windows 7 DLL missing.

Nero 2015 is crashing

Nero is probably one of the most popular brands of software for burning CDs. However, this popularity doesn't make the application error free. In fact, any application can fall prey to computer errors no matter how stable. If some files of the operating system are at fault, then even the most robust applications will start showing issue like DLL missing Windows 7.

Now, for Windows operating system, Kernelbase.dll is notoriously known for getting corrupted or even going missing. And this is a very important file which also ensure multiple software issues. For example, Nero 2015 is reported to crash during start-up due to missing kernelbase.dll file by many Windows7 users.

Cannot Open Opera

Opera is a popular alternative browser used by a lot of people who aren't too fond with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and the like. Now the browser does have a good looking design and decent features to warrant its popularity. However, it too succumbs to errors and computer problems - DLL is missing Windows 7. For example there are many Windows7 users reporting wkscli.dll missing errors which prevents the app from opening. There are also reports from many users adding to the fact that multiple solution paths have been taken but none was fruitful.

Problem with Windows Update

Updating Windows is very important. Microsoft regularly roles out security patches and bug fixes with their updates, and missing these can leave the system in a compromised state. However, such issues aren't rare when a Windows Update fails to install due to internal issues. For example, a commonly reported problem with Windows update occurs for Windows 7 users due to missing Wups2.dll file. Due to this error - DLL files missing Windows 7, while installing the update, an error message can pop up with error code 0x80080008 and the dll file in mention.

Cannot Install .NET Framework

The .Net Framework is a Microsoft designed platform which is used by developers to create applications. However, regular users also needs to have the framework installed on their system to allow to run the .Net developed programs. This makes it have a large user base and thus, issues regarding the platform also comes in large quantities. For example, sometimes user faces problems inhibiting .NET Framework from installing. Most of these reported issues have to do with mscoree.dll file missing from Windows 7 desktops. Now until, the dll file in context is fixed or replaced, the '.dll missing Windows 7' issue will not be resolved. And until this issue is resolved, none of the .NET applications will run or even be installed.

Windows Live Photo Gallery cannot be used

The Windows Live Photo Gallery is a Microsoft designed image organizing tool which can also be used for photo editing and sharing. Now this application, much like all the other apps on this list, it can succumb to errors and problems - DLL not found Windows 7. For example, on Windows 7, a missing WLXPhotoviewer.dll can inhibit the app from even starting. As per reports, an error message shows up saying that the app cannot start due to the dll file cannot be loaded.

So, by now it should be clear on how much impact these dll files have on the system. Each dll file issues should be promptly fixed to avoid such messy problems and keep the system running smoothly.

How to Resolve Such Computer Issues?

There are thousands of DLL files on the computer and it is quite impossible for a user to be aware of all methods of fixing all faults that might occur. The internet is always there to search for possible solutions, but random sites might be more malicious than helpful. Some do it yourself guides are also available, but they require the user to have at least some technical expertise. Hence it is best if one opts to download a software to help with fixing the DLL errors. One recommended product for the purpose would be DLL Suite program which can scan out erroneous dll files and fix them to solve all problems caused by them.

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