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PC errors due to missing DLL files

DLL files can go missing most of the times and can cause a lot of damage which cannot be easily solved. Sadly, missing dll file can result to a lot of mishaps, such as screen freezing, system crashes, error in launching desired programs and system failure. Many times, DLL files cannot be recovered easily and the computer can go through a lot of damage even if the file has been recovered.

Problems in starting the program

When DLL files cannot be found, a lot of problems arise and all methods to fix it go in vain. According to Perkins from London, she installed a game but after running it, an error message appeared on her screen which said, the program was unable to start because d3x9_27.dll was nowhere to be found on the computer, so try reinstalling the program to fix it. After reading this error message, Lili also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game over and over again. Her friends advised her to update DirectX because failure to run the game can be caused due to issues with Direct X. Sadly this approach also couldn't help her. Running the sfc /scannow and System Update Readiness Tool/DISM could also not help her recover .dll missing files.

Another user, Shoberg from New Orleans faced similar issues, he would often get an error while starting up his system, an error message stated that the system was missing a file called cltieskb.dll, so the PC was unable to start. He used to spend hours searching the internet for solutions. Most of them said it was a virus or malware related issue, but he was helpless because he couldn't scan his system as it wouldn't start at all. Sfc/scannow is also not helpful in such cases because the scans can't fix anything if the file has already been destroyed due to malware. This error was driving him insane as he couldn't do most of his work and he did not know how to solve it.

Missing DLL is difficult to recover

Sometimes, trying everything written in the book also doesn't help people to overcome this error. Graham, a software developer had recently purchased a PC with Windows 8 installed. After the Installation was complete, he got an error message which said, AC1ST16.dll file was missing. He tried to repair the missing .dll files manually by carrying out the AutoCAD repair from Control Panel. Graham thought, this error code was popping up because his system was not running on a compatibility mode, so he attempted to run his system in compatibility mode so that the error could disappear, but sadly, nothing could resolve this issue.

A resident of East Europe, Mulroy had trouble since he updated Windows few months back. He had acute problem with the missing .dll file and it usually affected his gaming life. Being a huge fan of video games, whenever he tried to launch a game, an error related to DLL file missing would pop up and the game would refuse to load.

Next, while starting up his computer, two different .DLL errors would pop up. When Mike would start the game Call of Duty, an error message appeared which said MFReadWrite.dll has been missing from your computer and the second error message would say MFPlat.DLL is missing and try reinstalling the game. He attempted reinstalling it and also running malware and virus scans, but nothing seemed to solve this error.

Problems during gaming and navigation

Missing dll files can cause many programs to shut down randomly without any warning. A gamer, Derek from Ontario had laid his eyes on a particular PC game from a long time, so one day he finally downloaded it and tried to install it. During the installation process, a missing dll error would suddenly pop up on his Windows making him unable to enjoy his game. Sometimes, these errors can also pop up if games have been downloaded from pirated or non-authentic sites. It can also appear as a result of DLL conflicts. He tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and also tried to upgrade his Windows to a new and improved version, but nothing could help him.

An animation expert, Natasha faced similar issues, all of a sudden she was not being able to navigate from Lightroom to Photoshop because an error message would pop up which said MSVCP100.dll is missing from the computer. It did open the program after a long time, but she was unable to access a lot of functions in this program. She tried a lot of remedies like Sfc/scannow, DISM, running chkdsk and performing a Windows update, but nothing helped her get rid of this error.

How to get rid of DLL errors?

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