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Missing dll files can cause various issues in the PC; to fix this DLL missing issue, users can download DLL Suite in their PC.

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PC problems caused due to DLL is missing

Dll files are very important for the PC as it helps in running various programs and applications. Due to DLL missing files, various issues can arise in one's PC. The .dll missing files can cause various problems during Windows start-up and shut-down. Certain programs might fail to run and there can also be issue during program installation as well. To know more about the issue, please read the article.

BSOD error

Users can get random blue screen error in their PC due to DLL missing Windows. Similar problem was reported by a user in his Dell Pc running on Windows 10. He says that from last two weeks, he is getting random blue screen error. The BSOD generally happen when he is watching any YouTube videos. To resolve the issue, he tried various methods like updating the drivers, cleaning pc, running SFC etc., but nothing helped him get rid of the issue. He used BSOD viewer and found that the issue is happening because hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe is missing from the PC.

Problem during start-up repair

After upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7, users can face various issues during start-up repair. This kind of issue was reported by a user. He says that he bought a PC originally loaded with Vista Home, and then he upgraded it to Windows 7. The Pc ran fine for few days after the upgrade, but after that he started facing various problems. The computer would shut down unexpectedly and then restarts automatically with 'Start-up Repair console'. He tried booting the PC in safe mode, but he couldn't. He also tried to run Safe Mode, but it wouldn't start and Start-up Repair console started again.

This issue can happen due to DLL missing entry point. To resolve the error, the user tried to run the System Restore from the advanced system recovery and support tools available from within the start-up repair console. But there were no restore points created on the system drive.

Error while running a game

Users can face issue in running some games in their PC due to DLL missing from your computer. A user faced similar issue in his Windows 8 PC. He says that he cannot run a new game in his PC due to missing xlive.dll. Whenever he tries to run the game, he gets an error message saying that the application has failed to start because xlive.dll was not found. It may also state that a reinstallation would fix the application from this problem.

To fix the issue, he ran system file checker tool to scan for corruptions in Windows system files and restore corrupted files. When that didn't help solve the problem, he ran full virus scan of the PC. Users can download professional DLL missing fixer to get rid of the problem permanently.

Couldn't run programs due to missing DLL files

Due to certain missing .dll files, users can face trouble while running some programs. A user complained of having this issue in his PC, he says that he recently got a new machine with Windows 7 on it. After updating it with Windows updater, he tried to install and run few programs, but he was unable to do so. When he tried to run the program, he got an error message saying that "the program couldn't start due to missing MSVCP71.DLL".

To get rid of this error, he restarted the computer and reinstalled the program, but still the error persists.

Issue in getting Windows updates due to DLL is missing from your computer

Due to DLL was not found, users can get issue in getting any Windows updates. A user using Windows Vista PC complains that he is having a very serious issue in getting any Windows updates. As he tries to search for the updates from the Windows update page, the Internet Explorer freezes up. In order to shut down Internet Explorer, he has to use task manager. He tried to use Microsoft Fix-it, but he was unable to use that since he doesn't have any version of .net installed. When he tried to install .Net framework, he got an application error.

Best way to fix the issue

The best way to fix the issue caused by missing .dll is by downloading DLL Suite. This .dll missing fix software can permanently get rid of the issue and keep the PC error free. This missing DLL repair tool is compatible with all Windows PC and users can easily download it in their PC.

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