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It is recommended to install DLL Suite in order to remove any errors on DLL files.

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Painless method to repair DLL files

DLL files can get corrupted or missing because of many reasons. These files are very important for running any program on a computer. Missing or corrupted files can hamper the work of a particular application on a system. There are many DLL errors as there are many files with Dynamic Link Library. There are manual steps that may solve the DLL errors, but if done incorrectly they can cause the system not to work at all.

DLL error on Windows 7:

Rpcrtremote.dll error may occur when a program is being installed on Windows 7 having Service Pack 3. It can also appear while the system is being shut down or at the time of start-up. Along with this error message some other .dll errors may appear too.

To manually fix the issue a System File Check can be run. The PC can even be started on the Safe Mode to make a factory reset. All these steps may inform what the problem is but unfortunately the errors cannot be resolved with these steps.

Faulting module ntdll.dll crashes browsers:

When any browser is opened it crashes. Along with the crash, there is no error message. Event Viewer can be run to know which DLL files are causing the crashes. The log in Event Viewer indicates that the crashes are triggered by a single faulting module ntdll.dll.

The causes of ntdll.dll errors can be many. Mostly the errors occur when the specified file gets missing or corrupted. The problem cannot be cured by booting up the computer in the Safe Mode.

Rundll error on Windows XP start-up:

If any DLL files get missing or corrupted or get deleted somehow then a Rundll error can be witnessed. It happens on Windows XP. It can also happen if a file gets attacked by viruses.

Solving the DLL errors:

The process of fixing any DLL error is very widespread and fixing it manually may result in a greater problem.

So, to get rid of any errors related to DLL files the best available tool is DLL Suite. This is a professional tool that can resolve the DLL errors easily.

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