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Perfect Guide to Fix Issues with Atikmdag.sys Error

Coming across with issues while running any crucial task on the computer is quite unbearable to handle. However, these issues should not be overlooked. Whilst using PC, individuals find sudden pop-ups incorporated with alpha-numeric messages are just the indicators to the budding issues within the system. If neglected soon this issue can bring in further risk to the system. Therefore it is always recommended to take a secured solution to fix these issues. In this write-up, you are going to discuss one such issue that is blue screen of death or BSOD that arrives with the error message atikmdag.sys error. Below are some instances that can lead to the above error.

Associated with ATI Radeon Family and developed by Advance Micro Devices Inc., atikmdag.sys is a type of SYS file on Windows OS. The latest version of this system file is which was produced on Windows Vista.

BSOD issue on Windows 10

Since the installation of the Windows 10 on a user's PC, he is coming across with BSOD. In word of him, he owes the latest graphic drivers with a system that runs A10 processor with integrated ATI R7 Graphics with 2TB hybrid HD. He tried every possible ways to resolve this issue but nothing came out positive.

BSOD while watching online videos

This issue is a common issue among users. Times come when users fail to watch any videos that are flashed online. According to Barren, a Windows 8.1 user, he came across with the same issue on his brand new laptop. While watching flash or HTML5 videos, his PC is coming across with the blue screen issue along with the atikmdag.sys error message.

Causes behind atikmdag.sys error

BSOD issue is a crucial issue. It is the error that brings in blue screen issue. Generally this issues come up by a corrupt, faulty and incompatible graphic driver. Windows users come across with this error, either after their system has been updated manually or automatically. One can even come across with this issue with updating graphic's driver.

The issues behind this error is quite crucial. If not solved at the very beginning, this might bring in total crash to the system. Do not panic. All you need to look below and find the best possible way to deal with atikmdag.sys error.

Possible way to fix the error

If you find the above mentioned issues common, then without any delay, please fix it with a correct tool. One can find a series of error correctors available on the internet, yet they might not deliver you any permanent solution. There are some tool that even drive your PC to more risks. Therefore, to throw atikmdag.sys error in a secured process, it is always recommended to install DLL Suite. This specialized tool is only mend to remove all the issues that are related to this error. Available in 23 different languages, this tool, irrespective of all the versions of Windows, will work uniformly, gifting you a hassle-free usage of PC.

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