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DLL files are very important in running any application. DLL files help executable files to work properly. These files are generally shared by many programs. If one .dll file is missing, then multiple programs can stop working.

There are some basic ways you can apply to find out about any missing DLLs on your system. Taking some precautions can also help you to not face any DLL related issues. But still, if you have encountered any problem with the DLL files on your system, you must take help of a convenient repair tool.

Black screen during boot up:

If you have ever encountered a black screen followed by a boot-up, then you must not be afraid of the condition. You can find out what is causing the blue screen to appear if you notice minutely. You may see that at the time of logging in your system, you get the CFGMGR32.dll file missing message. Still, if you forcefully try to login, you may get credo.dll and newdev.dll missing errors.

Followed by these error messages on missing DLL, the computer screen may turn black and a message may appear that the installed operating system is not authentic. You may try to run some manual fixes such as booting the system with repair CD and selecting the option to repair the PC. However, you can be sure that these steps may temporarily work but they take their toll on your system thereafter. Your computer can boot really slow, the applications may fail to run and many other problems can come up.

The dll file missing error after upgrading an application:

Mentor Graphics makes Electronic Design Automation Tools. Some of you may have seen it installed in your office PCs. Like any other application, it too needs to be upgraded. After upgrading Mentor Graphics PADS 9.3.1 to PADS 9.5 there may be multiple .dll files that are missing. By using a tracking application, you may find out that Microsoft Office Excel and Word are missing IESHMS.DLL and MSPTLS.DLL files. Outlook is missing MSO.DLL file.

Mainly there are difficulties in Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus programs. But the update can cause Internet Explorer to stop too.

DLL files deleted by utility software:

By running any antivirus software, you often determine that your system is in healthy condition. But at times, these software applications may delete some of the important DLL files as well. As informed by some of you, it is noticed on Dell desktop that has Windows 8 installed. You may come to know that all SysWow64 DLL is missing from your system after the antivirus software has deleted some programs.

You may also see that running System File Checker gives you no issues whatsoever. However, you may be told to run a Clean Boot and follow the troubleshooting steps. But to your utter dismay, you may find out that this is not a problem to be solved manually, but it is a serious issue that needs real repairing software to be treated.

DLL missing or not found after upgrading Windows:

It is evident that all want to move forward and so. To move towards a better Operating System, you may have recently upgraded your system to Windows 10 from an earlier version.

But after the upgrading has been done successfully, there may be error messages while opening some applications like Adobe Acrobat. The error says that msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll files are not found. You may find it hard to get a solution for this problem.

DLL file is missing on ASUS:

A number of you who use ASUS laptops have reported about dll missing error. FreeImage.dll and OVS.dll files are not found after installing ASUS wireless components. However, uninstalling the same does not provide you with a solution. The remaining way to remove the error is installing a dll fixer.

The best option for fixing the complications:

When you come across the difficulties that are discussed above, you may want to take help from anywhere possible. Some people will ask you to download the missing DLL files from any random website. But these DLLs can be of poor quality. As a result, it will not resolve your problem. Some online discussion groups may suggest you download any freeware that resolves the issues. But again, these software programs can be as harmful as possible to your system. These can even bring viruses on your system.

So, what is the best way to get rid of these difficulties? The one and only reliable DLL Suite can fix dll missing file and that too without causing any harm to your system.

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