D3dx9_39 dll not found

In order to prevent the error message 'D3dx9_39 dll is missing' from popping up on a random note, users can try to install DLL Suite in their system.

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Preventing D3dx9_39.dll is missing error from reappearing

The titled error message could be related to come up in association with games. When users are streaming on different games, they get obstructed by this error message. It is recommended that they should try to run the game in the compatibility mode to avoid any further hindrances. But still after this, they may come across problems.

Issue while playing:

On a Windows 10 Technical Preview operating system that has been installed on a Dell Latitude laptop, users may get obstructed when they wish to play one of their favorite games. Whenever, users wish to play the game, 'League of Legends', they are prompted with an error notification. Corresponding to the error message it can be anticipated that d3dx9_39.dll file is missing from the system. Due to this situation, users are unable to play the game even after they reinstall it. As a viable option, users can try to download the latest version of DirectX but most certainly not to get rid of the problem.

Users may come across some identical scenarios when they try to play 'Civilization IV' on a Windows 7 Pro installed system. The error notification denotes that the program cannot be started since it has encountered some error. In addition to this, it is also shown that the d3dx9_39.dll is missing from its actual location and therefore the game cannot be played. When such a situation crops up, users should ensure that they use the latest version of DirectX in order to avoid any further issues to come up.

Unable to install 'Call of duty':

After successful download of the game 'Call of duty' on a Windows 8.1 running HP Pavilion laptop, when users try to install it, they are unable to do so. Even after numerous attempts, they fail to install the game. At this point, an error message comes up that indicates that d3dx9_39 dll is missing from the system sub folder. In such a situation they can also try to install the respective missing file but the error still persists.

Game loading issues:

Yet again it may happen that even after users can install the game, they face certain complications when they try to load the game. Even after they reinstall the game several times, they are still prevented with the loading error notification. The error message that comes up states that the 'speedway grand prix game' is loading and soon after this the message 'd3dx9_39 is missing from your computer' shows up. Users can try to reinstall DirectX to prevent the loading issue but most certainly cannot get any solution from it. Since d3dx9_39.dll was not found, it can be easily assumed that it has become corrupted and repairing the same will not help the users to load the game.

Troubleshooting the various gaming problems:

Users may get utterly frustrated since they are unable to stream their favorite games. So, as they are in eager search of some efficient tool, they can use DLL Suite to get rid of the error message 'd3dx9_32.dll missing'. Hurry up and get into hands one of the best tool available to remove the issues soon.

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