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Problems caused by faulty Kernel32.dll and solutions

Errors related to kernel32 dll can occur due to a variety of reasons. For example, if a faulty application involving kernel32.dll has been misplaced, deleted or corrupted by the malicious software present on a damaged Windows registry or PC, kernel32 dll errors can occur. This error message also comes up because of incompatibilities of the system with a particular application a user is trying to run. It can be problematic for users to find solutions on how to get rid of kernel32.dll problem.

Difficult to get rid of the error

A user from England faced a lot of issues due to the above mentioned error. Her programs would keep crashing the moment they would start. He tried re-installing Windows and clean booting his system in safe mode, but sadly nothing helped him fix this error.

A Windows XP user from England was constantly bugged by this error. Whenever she wanted to open an application called Viber on her desktop, a message appeared which said that the procedure entry point GetLogicalProcessorInformation could not be found in her dynamic link library so error kernel32 dll had occurred. She noted down a lot of solutions on how to tackle kernel32.dll issue, such as making sure that Windows XP Service Pack 3 was installed on her desktop, running sfc /scannow, chkdsk and performing an anti-virus scan. None of these methods worked and she was left with nothing but disappointment.

Launching programs can be a problem

Another user faced similar issues with his PC. Harold was using IE8 and Google. A box would keep appearing on the screen after starting up the system. The error message which flashed in the box said that Internet Explorer was raising unhandled exception in the third party module and needed to be closed. After ignoring the box and closing it, he decided to do a search, but it kept reappearing. He might have faced this problem because a third party module which could have been a browser add-on was involved. He tried to get rid of this issue by manually changing the settings on Internet Explorer, but all his efforts went in vain. Uninstalling and reinstalling the toolbar was also of no use.

Many times, users can get very paranoid when they see error messages flashing on their screens without any reason. Thinking about how to solve kernel32 dll issues can be extremely confusing. Greg, was working on his brand new Windows XP desktop, while trying to update it with service packs, he kept getting pop-up messages which said the procedure entry point had failed to be located in the dynamic link library so error kernel32.dll had occurred. He would also receive the same error message while trying to access Internet Explorer. This problem was not enough for him, after few days, he lost Microsoft Office for some unknown reason and wasn't able to download it again. He tried scanning with his Anti-virus and also ran the sfc /scannow, but everything he did was futile.

Manual solutions rarely work

A user was constantly getting the above mentioned error while performing some functions. When he tried using the right click on the mouse, the program would shut down on it's own, and it would say kernel32 dll is at fault. After this, if he would start any program on his desktop, it would just randomly shut down and give the same kind of fault messages. He attempted to fix this by trying to overwrite the kernel32 file, so he tried installing Norton Internet Security and scanned his computer with it. He also took a drastic measure by reinstalling the entire operating system, but nothing helped him get rid of this error. He was utterly confused when he ran sfc /scannow and clean booted his PC on Safe Mode, because that too did not provide any help.

Sometimes, following every method written in the book also fails to help you get rid of this error. A user, Zulia couldn't understand how was it possible that dll kernel32 error kept occurring even if she tried to launch certain programs. Being in the field of animation, she had to be near her laptop at all times, so her career was facing a huge downfall because of this error. She followed every advice given to her by her colleagues and acquaintances, like performing clean boot, running Sfc/scannow and formatting her system. She also tried to search for the solution online, but every site would advise her to do the same thing.

Getting rid of this error

Users can get rid of kernel32 dll problems easily if the DLL Suite software is installed on the system. It is a one stop solution for all problems related to this error.

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