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Problems of DLL missing on Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the most popular operating system from the house of Microsoft. It has been praised everywhere for its performance and improvements from its predecessor. But sometimes this near perfect operating system too faces issue and errors due to corrupt or missing DLL files. The issues can range from the system crashing during start-up to programs closing down automatically after launch. In some cases, even the issue can cause the system to face the dreaded BSOD. Here are some instances where the missing .dll files in the Windows 7 operating system leads to various issues to different users:

Error during start-up:

Sometimes users face issues during the start-up of the computer. This issue may sometimes appear on a computer with Windows 7 operating system due to missing DLL. One user named Hardy from Texas used a computer with Windows 7 operating system. During start-up, the computer would prompt an error message that sshnas.dll is missing from the computer and the computer is facing issues due to it. This error message was probably a leftover residue of some virus or malware that might have infected the computer in the past and a good DLL error fixer could easily correct the error in no time.

Cannot open Skype:

The issues of DLL missing on Windows 7 running computer make programs like Skype non-responsive towards user commands. A user named Jones from Mexico faced troubles in running the application Skype on his computer. Every time he tried to run the Skype, the computer would run into error and an error message would pop up saying that the application cannot open due to missing MSVCP140.DLL. Ramon tries to correct the error by downloading the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update but that did not help the case. The error was quite tiresome for Ramon and he wanted to solve it as quickly as possible.

Cannot set default email client:

The issues in the Windows 7 can cause the trouble in setting the default email client on Google Chrome web browser. Simpleton from London faced issues while setting Windows Live Mail as the default email client on the given web browser. The browser could accept Gmail or Microsoft Outlook without any issue. The search on the internet revealed that the missing WDCore.DLL sometimes causes such issue. Gary tried some quick fixes like reinstalling both the application and the web browser on the computer. However, that did not solve the issue 'Windows 7 DLL missing'.

Cannot run the game:

Sometimes the user faces problems in running a certain game due to missing DLL on the computer. A Windows 7 user Thompson faced missing DLL issue while running the game Civil Wars General 2 on his computer. Every time he tried to run the game, the game could not load and the computer would prompt an error message that the game cannot run because of missing Wing32.DLL. To solve the issue, George removed and reinstalled the game on the computer but that did not help him in solving the issue 'DLL is missing Windows 7'.

Wi-Fi detection issues:

Sometimes the issues of .dll missing can make a Window 7 running computer to detect the Wi-Fi network. A user named Johnson faced such issues while connecting her Toshiba laptop with the Wi-Fi network. Earlier the laptop was able to detect the network without any issue, but of late is unable to detect the Wi-Fi. To know the reason behind the issue and a possible solution on the matter, Anna used the help of internet. The internet suggested that sometimes missing DLL files can lead to slow detection of the Wi-Fi. But the fixes that were suggested on the web needed a sound knowledge about DLL files and Windows Registry. As Anna was not sure of all those measures, so she did not proceed with them.

Computer freezes randomly:

The issues of missing or corrupt DLL files can lead to the computer freezing or crash at random intervals. One user named Grayson had a computer with Windows 7 operating system and Kaspersky antivirus. The trouble was that Nicole could not open any programs on her computer's desktop screen beside the antivirus software. To solve the issue 'DLL files missing Windows 7', she tried to repair the Windows through the Windows 7 installation DVD, but she could not complete the repair. The repair stopped abruptly and Nicole could not understand why. To solve the issue, she needed a good DLL files fixer which could correct the errors in no time.

Correction of the error 'DLL not found Windows 7':

To correct the issues pertaining to Windows 7 missing DLL files, the above-mentioned users can try the one and only DLL Suite software. This tool is designed to sort out all DLL issues and repair Windows Registry as well.

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