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Problems related to svchost exe and their solution

A user who has been using Windows either on his desktop or laptop must come across one or more errors in the course of time. The errors may include missing or corrupted DLL files, or it may be some .exe file that has ceased working.

Whatever the errors are, there are two ways these can be solved. The first way is to solve these manually. And the second is to download some software to resolve the troubles. A number of users come against errors related to svchost exe file.

High CPU usage post update:

Whichever version the consumer is using, the Windows needs to be updated from time to time. The updates can be processed manually or users may enable the auto-update option.

However, some users have seen that after an automatic update of Windows 7 computer restarts with an alarmingly high CPU usage. When checked for the reason the consumer may find that svchost exe is using the most of the CPU. The customers may try a manual fixing method or may want to scan for any virus or malware.

High memory consumption:

Some customers complain that they have noticed svchost exe to use up all their memory. If they do not close the svchost process from Task Manager then their systems freeze.

The consumers who are having such issues may try to scan the machine for any virus but will find none. To find out the root of the problem and to fix it the users should install a repairing tool.

Memory used up after SP3 installation:

A few customers say that they see more than eight svchost exe files running in the Task Manager. And this happens only after they install Service Pack 3 on their Windows XP. The processes may be stopped from Task Manager, but after some time those start to reappear.

Getting rid of the complex situation:

For the users, it is a pain to remove the programs one by one from Task Manager to clean up the memory. Cleaning it once or twice does not eliminate the trouble.

In order to get rid of the complication forever, the customers should absolutely trust the DLL Suite software.

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