ntoskrnl.exe is missing

The issues when ntoskrnl.exe is missing can be rectified with DLL Suite.

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Problems when ntoskrnl.exe is missing

The computer needs DLL files to work correctly. When these DLL files go missing or end up corrupted, it creates a huge amount of problems for the computer. The issues in the DLL files can lead to unresponsive applications, slow computer and even create BSOD related issues on the computer. When a DLL file like ntoskrnl.exe is missing from the computer, it creates a disruption in the computer system.

Here are some of the instances where the missing DLL file created problems:

1. Error after installation of Windows 7:

We have an assembled computer with Window XP operating system. We have recently installed Windows 7 on the same computer and are now able to run either of them during start-up. However this time when we choose Windows XP during start-up it resulted in the error message 'ntoskrnl.exe is missing' and Windows XP refused to load. We do not know how to rectify this error.

2. Blue Screen error in Windows 10:

We had a computer with Windows 10 operating system. It suffered from frequent Blue screen errors, where the computer screen would turn blue and the system crashed with the message ntoskrnl.exe is missing. We searched the internet for some possible solutions on the matter but could not find anything satisfactory. We need a good DLL error fix tool which could resolve the error in no time.


To solve the 'ntoskrnl.exe is missing' error from the computer, VSKSoft's DLL Suite can be used. This tool solves the DLL related errors in no time and makes the computer DLL error free. It can be downloaded easily from its official website and it comes with easy instruction on how to run this software. The application is available in 21 different languages and users from different corners of the world can use the application without any trouble.

Thus, this tool is user-friendly software which solves the issues relating to DLL files in no time.

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