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Procedure for stopping dll errors

The computers can make task easier for the users. Users are able to get tasks completed within a short span of time. Different applications on the system helps in attaining the desired task of the users. However, sometimes these applications may not work because of some malfunction in the dynamic link library files. The dynamic link library files provides the code for running the applications. It is therefore necessary to ensure that all the system files are safe and no issues appear on the system. However, while using the system, the users might come across some issues such that some application may stop working entirely. It is at this point that the user will have to take the help of a tool to ensure that the applications work smoothly.

Errors after conducting upgrade:

A computer user might have been using a Dell Inspiron 15 300 series laptop with Windows 8 operating system. They may want to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10. However, after conducting the upgrade and while starting the system, the user might encounter some kind of dll problems. The user may receive radeon.dll errors along with some errors in the file QT5Core.dll, Qt5Quick.dll, Qt5Charts and Qt5Widgets.dll. The first step that the user can take in solving the issue is that by ensuring that the graphics card driver is up to date. The user will have to restart the system after upgrading the drivers to make sure that the drivers are able to work properly. Such an issue might be due some faults in the upgraded operating system.

The computer user might have been using an Acer Aspire with an Intel Pentium along with 4 GB ram and 300GB hard drive. The user might have been using Windows 7 Home premium and a recent upgrade to Windows 10 have been done on the system. Soon after the upgrade, the user may encounter some issues while starting the system. The user might receive a rundll error at the time of start-up. The error message might show that an error occurred while starting C:\Users\Richard\AppData\Local\Plugin Pool\Bin\PluginPool.dll. The message might also state that the specified module could not be found. The user might also see that the initialization failed of ssdevm.dll. The user may try to run a System File Checker to replace missing or corrupted files. The user will have to press Windows key and X and click on Command Prompt and then type scannow to run SFC.

Windows app crash:

A user may experience application crash while using it on Windows 8. The user might want to use the software edging for the purpose of mixing music. The application may seem to crash a number of times. The user might have to access the event viewer to know the details of the issue. The event viewer can be used from the start menu of the system. It may show that the faulting application name is EdjingWindows8.exe and the faulting module is igd10umd64.dll. This issue might appear on a Dell Vostro 3550. Such an issue might be due to some errors in the graphics accelerator driver installed on the system. The user might try to install the latest display driver to solve these types of dll errors.

Google Chrome crash:

A user may have recently purchased a Dell XPS 12. The user might however, experience the crash of the bowser on this new system. The user might access the event viewer from the start menu of the system to understand the issue. It might show that the faulting application is chraome.exe and it faulted due to the module ntdll.dll. It might also show the exception code 0xc0000374. In order to get rid of such types of dll error, the user may reinstall the application. The user may also install the latest drivers. To stop this issue, the user may also start the computer in a clean boot state so that minimum drivers and start-up programs are used.

Issue while playing games:

The system may show the blue screen of death while the user is trying to play the game World of Warcraft. Blue screen of death is the event where the screen of the computer turns entirely blue. The screen also displays an error message. Such an issue may show that the issue has been caused by the file avipbb.sys. The bug check may appear to be 0xBE. This issue may also have been caused by the module halmacpi.dll. Such type of dll problem can occur because of corruption in the system.

What can be done?

To eliminate all the issues that has been discussed in this article, the users must use DLL Suite to get rid of such dll issues.

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