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To fix the DLL error completely from the system, you can use the professional tool DLL Suite.

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Procedure for the repair of DLL error

If you are in search of some proper repair process of the DLL file, then you have arrived at the right article. This would provide you with the best knowledge, and you will be able to safeguard the system. Try to keep away from the tools of the unauthenticated sources and repair DLL issues at the earliest. Some general issues have been discussed in the following part of the article.

Microsoft Office Outlook issue:

On a Windows 10 Technical Preview running a HP Envy laptop, you may come across certain problems after you install Microsoft Office Outlook 2016. Whenever you try to open up the application, an error notification keeps on popping up. It describes that the application cannot be started since it has encountered an unexpected error. In addition to this, it further says that it fails to load pstprx.dll file. Since outlook.exe file also fails to load properly, it can be said that outlook.exe has become corrupted. Even after you try to repair the Microsoft Office Package, you are unable to overcome the issue. So, in order to solve the mentioned DLL file error, you have to install some strong dll fix tools.

DLL missing errors on system start-up:

Problem pertaining to the system start up may also come up on an Asus laptop running on Windows Vista operating system. It boots normally but fails to load desktop. An error message comes up with the DLL file path as 'c:Windows\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\LXCFtime.dll'. Since the mentioned DLL file goes missing, the desktop fails to load properly. Even after you reinstall the operating system, you will not be able to fix DLL error. You can also try to install the respective DLL file, but still the error persists.

DLL not found error while playing games:

You may also confront with the DLL file error while you are playing one of your favorite games. On a Windows 7 Home Premium installed Toshiba Satellite laptop, when you attempt to install 'GTA 4', you are prevented with an error notification. It reads that ISDone.dll file has gone missing from the system sub folder. Though you use the System File Checker but it fails to repair the missing DLL file error. At this point, you can try to reinstall the game, but most likely to come across this missing DLLs error again.

Windows Live Mail issue:

While you wish to open any email via the email client Windows Live Mail, you may be obstructed with an error message and ultimately, you are unable to open the email. On the contrary, you can very easily send email but not able to open any received email. On a Windows 10 Professional installed system, since the UIRibbon.dll file has become corrupted it resulted in the malfunctioning of the Windows Live Mail. Even after you reinstall the application, you will not be able to resolve the DLL issues. In case of corrupted file issue, you need to install some effective tool that would help in dealing with the corrupted file issue significantly.

Troubleshooting the DLL error:

To get rid of the DLL errors, you can try to install the dll repair tool DLL Suite to get the best result and give adequate protection to the system.

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