fix rundll32.exe

Users can get various issues due to missing rundll files to fix rundll32.exe file related errors users can download DLL Suite.

Download DLL Suite

Process of fixing rundl32.exe with the help of a fixing tool

The rundll32.exe process is known as a command line utility program and is responsible for running DLLs. Normally these executable files are not considered harmful but sometime they can harm the PC and affect its normal functioning. To know more about the issue and to fix rundll32.exe file error have a look at this article.

Rundll32.exe crashing constantly in Windows 7

If you are Windows 7 user then you can face constant Rundll32.exe crash in your PC after certain software change. The crash can happen after you have updated your graphics card drivers. Even if you uninstall everything from the update and remove the additional software the issue couldn't be resolved. You may try to perform System File Checker to fix the corrupt system files. If SFC also fails to resolve the issue then you can put your system in clean Boot state. Putting PC in clean boot might help identify any third party applications or start-up items that are causing the issue.

Solving issue by manual method might not be that effective; to fix rundll32.exe error permanently you can download dll file fixer.

Unable to start any program due to missing rundll32.exe file

While trying to start any program from start menu you can get 'rundll32.exe Application missing' error. The error message can appear even if you have rundll32.exe file present in your system. This error can affect the sound system of the machine. As a result you might not be able to change the sound setting from speaker to headphone. You can try to solve the issue by creating system restore point. But to permanently fix rundll32.exe errors you should download dll file fixer.

Bet way to solve the problem

The best way to fix rundll32.exe error is by downloading DLL Suite. You can easily install this software in your PC. This tool not only removes the error but also optimizes PC's performance.

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