ntoskrnl.exe is missing

In case the ntoskrnl.exe is missing from the system, then customers have to install the useful DLL Suite tool.

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Process that needs to be adopted in case ntoskrnl.exe is missing

When any missing file error pops up, it is important to download the respective file in order to process the file related function smoothly. Pertaining to this, some incidents have been picked up and elaborated that would provide some help to the customers.

BSOD while surfing the internet:

On a Windows 8 Pro installed Asus laptop, many customers' encountered issues pertaining to BSDOD event. Likewise, Andrews Gomes from Santa Clara demonstrated about the difficulties that she faced when he was in the middle of browsing the internet via Internet Explorer. He tried to access the same by reinstalling the program but still failed to get the result. The issue was accompanied by the occurrence of the BSOD event along with a string of error message as 'UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP'. Corresponding to the details of the dump files, it could be said that netio.sys had become faulty that provoked the BSOD event to take place. According to the string of error notification it had also been suggested 'ntoskrnl.exe is missing'.

Windows start up issue:

Windows failed to start on a Toshiba Satellite L455D-S5976 laptop. Amy Steele from Santiago reported about the system start up issue that he faced. In addition to this, the error message also indicated 'ntoskrnl.exe is missing'. On arriving at such a situation he also tried the option of repairing the system but still the mentioned Windows kernel exe file failed to load. Furthermore, he also tried to reinstall the operating system but still the error persisted.

Some identical issue also popped up as illustrated by Robert Steve from UK. After he freshly installed Windows 7 Professional version on a HP Envy laptop, he experienced problems on restarting the system. Even though the installation process was successful, he still failed to keep away from error message denoting 'ntoskrnl.exe is missing'. He tried to rectify the same from Windows advanced options, but still could not succeed. Therefore, it could be assumed that during the installation process, the mentioned exe file went missing.

Troubleshooting missing file error:

In order to troubleshoot the file missing issues, some effective tool has to be used. Therefore, they need to install DLL Suite in the system that would assist them to get rid of the 'ntoskrnl.exe is missing' error message to come up on a random note.

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