Explorer.exe problem

To overcome errors caused by Explorer exe, users have to install none other than the DLL Suite.

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Process to eliminate explorer.exe problems

Windows Explorer could be regarded as the file management application with any Windows operating system. Pertaining to it, certain incidents has been picked up and detailed, to provide some useful knowledge to the users and guide them.

Windows Explorer will not load:

On a Windows XP installed Samsung laptop, users faced with difficulties after the system start up process. The issue became notable after Windows Explorer programs failed to load properly on start up. But on the contrary, when checked through the Task Manager, it worked properly, but the explorer.exe problem reappeared after the users rebooted the system. Users were also not able to run the system in the Safe Mode. After the system restore option failed, it could be asserted that there must be some problem with the explorer exe file. Due to this, it denied to load properly on system start up. In addition to this, there could also be the possibility that the boot configuration data file might be in conflict with the explorer exe that resulted in the error to come up.

Abrupt shut down of application:

After a fresh installation of Windows 7 64 bits on a newly built Dell Studio laptop, users started to face issues with Windows Explorer. The problem became prominent when the program started to shut down abruptly. So, it could be assumed that explorer.exe file became corrupted within the faulty ntdll.dll module. Even after users reinstalled Windows Explorer, they failed to achieve any positive outcome. Therefore, to rectify to Explorer exe problem, users have to install some of the effective tools.

Some identical scenario also popped up on Asus laptop that was installed with Windows 8.1 version. On opening the system, users were confronted with the app crash event. The error message indicated that there was some issues with explorer.exe that resulted in the app crash event to take place. As a result of this, it could be very easily comprehended that explorer.exe had become corrupted that provoked application to crash randomly.

High CPU usage:

Users were also confronted with other Explorer.exe errors. A Windows Vista Business 32 bits running an Acer Aspire laptop slowed down rapidly in its speed and CPU usage was 100%. On arriving at such a situation, when viewed through the Task Manager, it has been noticed that explore.exe had eaten up most of the space of the CPU resulting in the high CPU event. As a result of this, the system started to become malfunction after being used for some time. Users also tried to boot the system in the Safe Mode but could not fix the Explorer exe error.

Fixing the explorer.exe error:

After users have got a glimpse of what the Explorer.exe problems could be, they need to choose judiciously for the explorer.exe fix tool. In case they fail to deploy the right software, then it might bring in additional problems to the system. So, it is better to use DLL Suite. After users install the software, they would be able to rectify the Windows registry error swiftly and would also prevent the system from complete breakdown in case of any corrupted file issue.

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