Kernel32 dll is missing

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Process to fix kernel32.dll was not found error

Kernel32.dll file is one of the most important files of the system. This dynamic link library file is important for media management, input and output and other installation related process. However, in your computer, you can face common issues like the file kernel32.dll is missing or it is not found. As a result, the system gets some annoying symptoms that hamper the work and also the machine. Some of the kernel32.dll errors are discussed below. These detailing can help you to know why kernel32 dll not found issues come up. While reading the errors, you can have an idea as well.

kernel32.dll not found error in PC:

At the time of opening Microsoft Office 2016 in the system of Windows 10, you can suddenly face this notification that the above mentioned dll file is not found. While trying to open an already saved document of Microsoft Office Word, a message may appear as kernel32 not found. This error can also extend and show that the procedure entry point of the file kernel32 dll is missing. Due to this, the whole Windows registry may get stuck and unresponsive as well.

Sometimes, you can also face errors after installation of any of the application. Suppose; you installed Nero 7 application in your system of Windows 7. You can notice that the installation is done but there is no icon of Nero 7 on the desktop. When you try to start the application from program folder in C drive, a notification can be faced by you as kernel32.dll missing. This indicates that as this file is missing from the system, it can bring errors to any newly installed application.

Update related problems in the PC:

You can often face error while updating any application or your Windows operating system. When you try to update the Windows 7 Service Pack 1, an error message can come up as Kernel32 dll was not found. This file is associated with every update related file. As a result, the machine can get stuck with the process. It can be said that the file missing error has blocked the permission for update too.

Sometime, it may also take place that at the time of installing the update for Adobe Creative Suite 5, an error with the same file may appear as well. When such issues come up, the machine may show you that the kernel32 file is corrupted. Therefore, the application Adobe Creative Suite 5 fails to get installed with a proper update. You need to know that this kernel32 file is such a file that connects all the important actions of the system. So, a solution to stop the issues is provided below. You can have a look.

The troubleshooting process:

To eradicate every single error of this kernel32 dll file, it is important to choose the best software. So, whenever you get kernel32.dll missing notification, you can install Dll Suite. This tool can be considered as the perfect one to deal with such dll file related error. Once such a good tool is installed, you will never have to think about such errors anymore.

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