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Dll errors can prove to be real trouble for Windows PCs; to repair DLL errors, download DLL Suite on the computer today.

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Proper method to repair Windows DLL issue

It is very important to do DLL repair as DLL errors can prove to be real trouble for Windows OS. There are numerous DLL files present in any Windows OS. These DLL files are needed for proper functioning of the applications and programs. When any of these files get deleted by mistake or get corrupted, then many applications might crash, and there can also be issue during program installation, Windows activation etc. If you are interested in knowing more about the issue, please read this article.

PotPlayer stops working in Windows 10

PotPlayer is a multimedia software player developed for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Pot player works fine in all Windows PC, however you might face certain issue with this application. After recent Windows update, most Windows 10 users are complaining of having issue with this application. The issue is generally caused by some corrupt or missing DLL files, most of the time it is also caused by some driver or software issue. When you try to open the application, you can get an error message notifying that the pot player has stopped working due to some problem.

To resolve the issue, it is important to repair DLL first. You can download a good dll repair tool freeware and get rid of the problem.

Issue while updating Windows live messenger

Due to corrupt or bad DLL related to direct3d, you can face issue while updating Windows live messenger app in your Windows Vista PC. When you try to update the application, you can get an error message saying that Level9.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. After that you might be advised to install the program using original installation media or contact the system administrator.

The only way to fix this issue is by doing the DLL fix, and that can be done by downloading a professional dll repair kit.

Unable to start Windows defender due to Rundll error

Windows defender might sometimes misbehave and fails to start due to RunDLL error. RunDLL error generally occurs when the .DLL file that was set to run gets deleted. When you try to run the Windows defender app, it would simply fail start without even giving any prompt message.

You can try to resolve this error by installing Advance System Care. The error might get resolved with this optimizing application, but as soon as you uninstall this app, the error might return. So, downloading an authentic dll repair free software would be a good choice.

Error with Microsoft Download manager

Sometimes you can face problem in downloading multimedia files from Microsoft Download manager. This is common Windows problem and not irreparable one. You can easily get rid of the issue. Sometimes the issue happens due to third party software conflict. So, you can try downloading the application by temporarily disabling the antivirus software. If that doesn't help, then you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the application again.

Game applications refuses to install on Windows

There are certain free Microsoft Games that are pre-installed in Windows PC. However, if they are not there, then you can easily install these games in your PC. But sometimes issue can happen while installing these games. While installing the games, you can get 'installation failed' error message along with 0x80070057 error code. This kind of issues generally happens due to DLL errors.

To fix the issue, you can temporarily disable the antivirus program and then try to install the games again. If the installation still fails, then you may put the PC in safe mode and then try installing the game. If none of the method work, then you can simply download a dll fix tool and get rid of the error, and then try installing the games again. Many times, manual methods are not as effective and they also involve risk. Even calling technician is not a good option as many times they overcharge for tiniest of issue. So it's better advised to use professional dll fixer full version.

Fix this error using a dll error repair tool

The best method of doing .dll file repair is by downloading DLL Suite in your PC; this tool is noted for removing all kind of malware and is compatible with all Windows OS.

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