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To fix all dll issues on the PC, the user can try to search for a proper DLL repair tool, such as DLL Suite, it would be the best in this regard.

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Putting an end for the search of dll fixer

One of the most popular errors that any Windows computer or laptop user will encounter is the horrible DLL file error. It can appear in any types of Windows operating system. The dll errors can usually be fixed with the help of repair tools and software. However, would not it be great to completely understand the problem and diagnose it yourself? Here are some of the more common specific dll errors have been discussed and also have explained what the user can do about them.

Microsoft Office Outlook application error

Microsoft Office Outlook is an important mailing application. It is used by many users as their primary email application. They use the program for sending and receiving emails and for many other purposes. But sometime the user can't send email due to the issue in dll file which is related to Microsoft Office Outlook application. Jobes resides in Boise complains about it. When she tries to send emails, the error codes 1000 and 1026 come up on the system screen.

To find out the reason for this error, when she enters Event Viewer option, she comes to know that outlook.exe is the faulty application and msmapi32.dll is the faulty module. That means the dll file has been corrupted in the system by any kind of reason. In order to fix this issue, she can try to search for a dll repair tool. A proper dll repairer will help to fix this issue in the system.

Unable to play Flight Simulator X

Windows Vista user Haugh is from Wenatchee, he informs about a severe problem in the system. She says whenever she tries to play her favorite video game Flight Simulator X in Windows Vista operating system, an error message pops up on the system screen. The error message says Flight Simulator X has stopped working in the system. Event Viewer error logs shows uiautomationcore.dll as the faulting module and fsx.exe as the faulting application. To fix this issue on the PC, she needs to search for a proper dll files fixer software tool.

BSOD associated issue

Next, the problem is associated with BSOD or Blue Screen of Death. The BSOD event is quite common with the driver files. It mainly occurs if any driver file gets corrupted in the system. The driver files can make the system stop from getting started. Beimes from Calargy, a devoted Windows 7 user encounters this issue. The BSOD issue starts popping up with the operating system. The start-up gets stuck on the welcome screen, and it shows the BSOD with bug check string - kernel data in-page error with the stop code 0x7b.

In that case, he needs to run BlueScreenView tool to figure out the reason for this error. And after running this tool, he gets to know that ntfs.sys file is corrupt on the PC. And the problem happens due to the corruption of this file.

Issue with Skype

Skype is an important software application. To maintain any long distance relationship, Skype can play a crucial role in it. The video calling facility along with the chat and voice calling is something which has made a distant friend very near to his close ones. But when this application shows error, then it becomes impossible to work with it. Noll from Croswell talks about the same issue in his Windows 8 operating system. Whenever he tries to make a video call, the application crashes immediately in the PC. After that it shows ntdll.dll error.

The issue happens on the PC due to the corruption of the ntdll.dll file. In that situation, he may think that he needs to search for dll fixing method. But according to experts, if he downloads a proper dll error repair tool, then the problem will resolve very easily in the system.

Dll file error after installing update

The same dll issue has been faced by another Windows 10 user Mitchell, who resides in Los Angeles. He adds after updating his Windows 10 operating system, he is getting nonstop error message after every boot up. The message says that system sysmenu.dll specified module cannot be found. This error message occurs due to the corruption of the dll file, which is showing the error message. Therefore, if he tries to search for a dll error fixer tool, then it might be easy for him to resolve the issue in just a moment.

The way of repairing errors

If the user thinks about how to put an end to the search for a dll repair tool, then the solution is here. DLL Suite would be the right solution in this regard. It will help to repair all kinds of dll, exe, sys files and also help to download the new files.

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