ntoskrnl.exe is missing

If ntoskrnl.exe is missing from the system users can face various system crash and BSOD issues; to resolve the issue one should download Dll suite in their system today.

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Reasons for ntoskrnl.exe is missing errors and the proper ways to resolve it

The ntoskrnl.exe file is responsible for various system services and memory management. If ntoskrnl.exe is missing from the system or ntoskrnl.exe files get corrupted then users might face issue during Windows start up, can encounter frequent BSOD and other various issues. Read the article to know more about the issue.

Blue screen error in Windows 8

Users can face frequent blue screen error in their PC due to certain missing dll files. A user named Harrison from Philadelphia complained of having frequent Blue screen error in his Windows 8 laptop. On inspection he found that the issue is happening because 'ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt. He did memory test but found no issue with the memory then he did SFC scan but it didn't resolve the issue. He is not able to boot the PC in to safe mode either.

Windows fail to load

Sometimes Windows can fail to load due to certain dll file related error. Similar error was faced by a user named Ileana from Texas, she bought new Hp laptop with Windows 7 installed in it. When she tried to switch on the laptop, the machine didn't start and she got error message saying that 'Windows failed to load because ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt' error message. Along with the error message 0xc0000221error code was shown on the screen.

She thought of fixing the issue by repairing the Windows with Windows installation disc. However she didn't get installation disc with the laptop. Now the only option she has is to restore the OS to factory settings, or download dll file fixer and fix the dll related issue.

Ways to resolve the problem

If ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt then users can download Dll suite in their PC and solve the issue. This software will download the missing the file and replace the corrupt ones conveniently.

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