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Sometimes it becomes necessary to recover missing dll files to resolve system errors, and DLL Suite can be used for the same purpose.

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Recover your PC from missing DLL files

You cannot argue with the fact that computers have become quintessential. In fact, the device has found use in mostly all streams of life. From being used in schools and colleges, to industries and corporate businesses, modern life is hard to imagine without these miracle machines.

However, you should also be aware of the fact that these computers can also encounter system errors. Problems with the internal software can cause malfunctions. Here you will find some issues regarding missing .dll file and how to recover from them.

High CPU Usage

You should take note that the CPU of your PC is directly related to the system speed. Hence a lagging PC indicates that either the CPU is not up to the mark, or the system resources is being drained by other applications. Now, most modern computers rarely face issues with the CPU speed being insufficient to handle the system. Hence, with modern computers, a system most generally lags if multiple applications or heavy applications are opening which are causing high CPU usage. Hence, if you have a lagging PC system, it would be wise on your part if check such a thing is happening to you.

To monitor which programs are using up the CPU, you should head on over to the task manager. It can be accessed through the task bar, by right clicking on the taskbar. When the taskbar opens, you can see which process is causing High CPU usage. And if the problem is due to some malicious files, then it is most likely the problem is due to a malfunctioning svchost.exe file. This is a very common problem that can happen due to a missing dll file and you have to restore it in order to solve the issue.

Cannot Open Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is arguably one the best photo editing tools on the market. The program is filled up to the brim with so many features that it can be used for professional purposes. Furthermore, the application also sports an intuitive interface making it quite popular among the amateurs as well.

Now even though it is a very powerful software, it is still no stranger to error instances. For example, if QtCore4.dll file is missing from your system, then you will find that the application fails to open and it becomes totally unresponsive. Now until you recover deleted dll files, this issue is most likely to persist.

Error Message on System Start up

Here is an error instance that won't do as much problem as the ones mentioned above. However, you should that any issue, if neglected, it has the chance to escalate into something problematic. Now getting back to the problem.

On system startup, there are reported problems of an error message simply popping up with a loud noise. However, after crossing the error message, the system continues to work without any issue. Some people have done a little research on this problem and found that it is due to a missing olepro32.dll file. And just like the above discussed problem, until you manage to recover all dll files, the annoying startup error message will remain.

Cannot Play Call of Duty 4

Now if you are a gamer than you might find this to be rather important. In fact, like Call of Duty, any game running on your PC system can show signs of error due to malfunctioning system files. Here is one such instance.

Many complaints have come from players that Call of Duty 4 tends to stop working mid game. Now it has been accessed that the problem is not a bug with the game itself. Instead the issue arises due to a missing iw3mp.exe file. And just like before, the problem will only resolve if you restore missing dll file.

Handling These Missing DLL File Issues

You might know that plenty of random online sources provide replacement DLL files for the ones missing on your system. However, the majority of these sites are malicious. Again, there are genuine sources, but you need to be aware of which files you mean to download. For example, not only would you need to know the file name, but also the versioning as well as its compatibility.

Hence it is always a better idea to let a Windows dll recovery software deal with these nuisance. A Windows dll recovery tool like DLL Suite can come in really handy in these sort of situations. The program can scan out missing .dll files and recover dll files automatically.

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