Wininet dll error

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Remedial process for wininet.dll problems

When any particular error pertaining to the DLL or dynamic link library file comes up, it is important to obtain its remedial process. It would help in maintaining the stability of the system by rectifying the problems in the initial stages. The wininet dll error can come up irrespective of any Windows operating system. Some commonly occurring problems have been picked up in this article that would impart some knowledge to the users.

Unable to install Windows Update:

On a Windows 7 Enterprise installed Dell Studio laptop, users encountered certain wininet dll problems when they attempt to install Windows Updates. Likewise, Gomes from USA reported in the technical forum about the complexities that she had to go through when she tried to install some of the required Windows Updates. Even after repeated attempts, she was unable to install the updates and an error message popped up. It stated that 'Wininet.dll file is missing' and could not be found in its actual location. On arriving at this Wininet.dll error, she also tried to run the SFC scan command via the command prompt but failed to resolve the error. Other than this, she also tried to download the notified missing wininet.dll file, but still failed to install the update.

Errors on system start up:

While working on a HP Core laptop, users confronted certain problems soon after they started the system. Mary from Canada elaborated about the issue that he faced pertaining to Wininet dll file after he logged into his system. An error notification kept popping up on a constant note. Corresponding to the error message, it could be said that the procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library Wininet.dll. Since the mentioned DLL file wininet.dll went missing from the system, it started to malfunction. As the error showed up soon after the Windows start up, he also attempted to run the system in the Clean Boot mode but failed to overcome the Wininet dll problem.

Problem in accessing Skype:

Users also experienced issues when they tried to use some program on a Windows 7 Pro installed Dell Vostro laptop. Similarly, Clove from Santiago encountered problems when he tried to open Skype. Moreover, he was also prevented with an error notification that read that wininet.dll was not compatible to run on Windows or it became corrupted. He also reinstalled the program, but the Wininet.dll problem still persisted. So, it could be easily assumed that since the wininet.dll became corrupted, the program could not be assessed.

Problem after system upgrade:

On a Toshiba Satellite laptop, other issues relating to wininet.dll file also cropped up. Gordon from Manchester complained about the hurdles that she had to come across after she upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 8 Pro version. When she tried to work on the system, an error notification popped up that stated that the procedure entry point HttpIsHostHstsEnabled was missing in the dynamic link library Wininet.dll. Even after she tried the option of sfc/scannow command, she failed to overcome the Wininet.dll error.

What could be the proper solution?

After users have gained some idea about the intensities of the errors, they need to install DLL Suite to settle down Wininet.dll issue permanently.

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