Atikmdag sys problem

To get rid of Atikmdag sys error in the system, Windows users can install DLL Suite.

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Remedial process to fix Atikmdag sys error

The titled system file and the related error come up as a result of faulty display or graphic driver in the system. It might happen that users are unable to fix the issue even if they use the latest version of the display driver. So by including some of the commonly occurring incidents, this article would assist the users.

BSOD while trying to launch a game:

Users came across problem pertaining to BSOD event. Russell from England reported about the BSOD that he experienced while he tried to launch the game CSGO. Along with the BSOD, the system screen also froze and eventually the system crashed. When he checked through the event viewer, it was observed that Atikmdag sys file was at fault that provoked the BSOD to take place. The mentioned system file could be related with display driver and since it stopped working, he was unable to launch the game even after numerous attempts. Moreover, he also tried to reinstall the driver in order to fix Atikmdag sys error but could not get the desired result.

Problem while streaming online videos:

Users encountered hurdles when they tried to stream online videos via YouTube or other websites. Samantha from UK described about the issue that she faced when she tried to stream the online videos. The system started to crash on a recurring note, and even after she reinstalled the ATI Radeon Kernel Mode Driver, she failed to stream the video smoothly. Therefore, the Atikmdag sys error came up since it became corrupted. But even after she installed a new driver, she failed to stream the game smoothly. Therefore, using proper tool, the issue need to be rectified soon.

Issue after upgrading Windows operating system:

Issue also popped up after users have upgraded their system to Windows 10 version. While working on a Dell Inspiron laptop, George from California illustrated about the problem that he faced. Since he upgraded the operating system, it started to crash on a random note and resulted in the BSOD event. The situation also happened after he plugged in with a piece of hardware. Even after he tried to connect the same into a different output on the PC, he still failed to solve the issue. Therefore, it could be said that since the graphic card driver became outdated, it generated the BSOD event along with a string of error message 'SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION' pointing towards the Atikmdag sys error.

Furthermore, the identical situation with Atikmdag sys error also came up after he upgraded his display driver and BIOS. The display driver needs to be installed soon after it started to crash. The crash event took place after he upgraded the operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7 Pro version. But even after he installed the latest version of ATI Video card, he failed to prevent the crash event and again generated the BSOD event. It is always recommended to use the display drivers in the compatible version to avail the smooth running of the system.

Debugging the system file error:

As a means to put Atikmdag sys error at rest, users can try to install DLL Suite. It could be utilized in any version of Windows operating system and the video card driver issue could be expected to be fixed with much efficiency. So, why to waste any more time?

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