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To stop issues like DLL missing from your computer, people can use DLL Suite in their respective machines running on Windows OS.

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Remedies for removing DLL is missing

DLL files are known as one of the most important files of the computer and they are located at the C drive or system sub folder. If one file is corrupted in the computer, multiple applications would get affected. At the same time, the computer may get performance issues like abrupt shut down, slow performance etc and even error messages along with code can pop up on the screen. On getting the problems, customers may take help of a tool for fixing the same. Here are some of the most common issues that have been confronted by people while using the computers running on Windows OS by DLL files.

Error messages in PC:

Windows 7 Operating System installed computer showed an error while booting, it says that the installed OS in not a genuine. On booting the computer, the error message came up. The computer was preinstalled with OEM version with DVD and certificate. George became confused on getting this error message on his screen. Surprisingly, the computer showed the error after installing updates of the computer. Because of the error message, he could not open the Control Panel also.

After installing an application from the Windows Store, an error message came up on the screen. The message said that the procedure entry point could not be located in the api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll dynamic link library file. Maria got this error in her HP Pavilion dv6 laptop. This problem appeared because of DLL is missing from your computer. She had tried for using manual processes for fixing the DLL file problems, but that did not help her for fixing the same.

Error codes in PC:

Asus notebook K50IJ with Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 Operating System showed an error when Locutus tried to play a game. An error message popped up on the screen and said the computer is not running on Windows along with error code 0x8004fe21. Her Control Panel said that the Windows is activated. She tried to install al the updates including KB3004394, but the problem did not solve.

In another computer, similar DLL missing files caused an error while creating a new document using Microsoft Office Excel. When Juliana tried to hit the save button, an error message along with code popped up on the screen. The message said that application is unable to start along with code 0xc0000022. The message also asked her to click on the OK and the Terminate button, but none of them worked to remove the message. This kind of message appears in the PC if there are issues with ntdll.dll file in the computer.

Application issues in PC:

After downloading a Photo app in the computer running on Windows 7 32 bits Operating System, Brian got an error. While opening the app in the computer, he received an error message. The message said that the app cannot be opened. The message also mentioned to turn on the PC with administrative privileges.

Other issues in the computer:

In her computer, Patricia got an error after installing STK 9.1. The computer was installed with Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bits Service Pack 1 error message. At the last step of the installation, an error message popped up saying about license manager. According to the message, full license validation and modification of the search path was not possible because of improper administrative privileges. The message also asked her to run the PC as an admin. When she logged in as an admin, instead of the license issues, the installation process the message showed her an error message. She had tried to check the program files, but there was no apt tool that could help her to remove .dll missing files issue.

After installing updates for Windows 10 Home 32 bits Operating System in the computer, an error message kept on popping up on the computer. Douglas upgraded the computer from Windows 7 Professional 32 bits to the Windows 10 Operating System. The computer had no upgrade issues, but since installing updates, it showed black screen. On trying to boot the computer in safe mode or normal mode, the screen turned completely blank with only a blinking cursor. This could be DLL missing entry point issues or DLL file corruption. It might happen if updates had corrupted the DLL files.

Fixing the error:

All of them used the DLL Suite to remove the issues like DLL missing Windows. They have used the DLL file in all of the OS versions and this is efficient one to remove all the problems.

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