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A DLL or Dynamic Link Language is a library that incorporates code and data that assists in running a program properly. However time comes, when these files go corrupt or break due to varied reasons like virus attacks, inappropriate start-up or shut-down of the system or improper installation of any program and leads to DLL error.

DLL error is one of the most common known error that any computer users might come across. However there is a solution as this dreaded error can be resolved by using some popular repairing tools and software. Prior to take any final step, it is better to have utmost knowledge about the error. In this article you are going to find the common issues that most Windows users face along with the solution.

Internet Explorer stops to work

Times come, when Internet Explorer that is a series of graphical web browsers in the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, IE come across with issues due to DLL error. There are users who have complained against this, whenever they try to open Internet Explorer to browse internet, they come across with a repetitive error message that the explorer has stopped working.

Generally, these sort of DLL issues can be repaired manually, however, along with this, it is important to install a fixer to root off this error permanently. One can right click on Internet Explorer icon, then go to Properties, followed with General Tab and uncheck the box that mentions, allow this file to have contents indexed in addition to file properties.

Issue in accessing MSN

MSN, which is Microsoft's instant messaging application, presently known as Windows Live Messenger, at time gives trouble to the users. Due to DLL error, time comes when users fail to load MSN and have to come across with the white screen with an error message that directs, go to secured sites even after many owe anti-virus software like MacAfee in their respective systems.

System freezes

This is the common problem that most individuals complain. Time comes when trying to run a security scan on the computer, it freezes that particular application showing an error message that Windows ieframe.dll file might go corrupt.

Normally, this DLL error can be fixed by using uninstalling unwanted programs, upgrading the hardware, reinstalling the operating system, defragmenting the hard disk, cleaning up the registry and a through system scan. But time comes when all these troubleshooting methods failure to deliver users a hassle-free system usage.

Issue in watching videos on YouTube

There are certain cases, when Windows users while trying to watch varied videos on sites like YouTube, you receive error message telling that the user do not owe the latest version of Adobe Flash, and or the user's JavaScript is not enabled. But these error messages are bit odd to the users who already have the latest Adobe Flash and enabled Java.

Many users even find the same issue in the other applications like Netflix Instant Player. Every time they try to watch any video, it stops loading followed with an error message, there is an error on the page and DLL is not loading.

Failure in connecting Skype

Skype, one of the renowned video conferencing and video chatting site, at times faces repetitive issues. There are series of complaints from Windows users using varied versions of the system against Skype. Time comes when users fail to connect to this application face repetitive DLL error pop ups. They even come across with login issues on Skype.

To fix DLL error, many went for varied troubleshooting processes that includes restarting of the system, reinstalling the program and system scan. However, none helped to get rid of this issue.

Problem in installing Google

Time comes when users while installing Google as a search engine on Internet Explorer 8, over again and again it receives the error message that the Internet Explorer cannot install the search provider. The DLL error pops up, also adds that there is a problem with the search provider information. The user went through different DLL error fixing process but failed.

Recommended solution to the error

In order to fix the above error, there are users to use any error correction tool available online, but this should not be done. To avoid any technical difficulties and to fix DLL errors in a secured process to avail a permanent solution one must owe for a well-researched tool. In that case, customers can install DLL Suite. This tool will work on the user's computer system proficiently delivering the users a healthy PC usage.

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