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It is indeed frustrating, but you need to think again before replacing your system for repeated missing DLL errors showing up in between applications. When there is another way of dealing with it, why should you spend so much in getting a total new setup? Know the problems and find a fix of your own. Take a look.

Start-up fails to be smooth

The start-up is the gateway to download, install and run any application on your system. If the start-up gets corrupted, no matter which application and security tool you are using, you will face troubles. If you can go through the problems which are common with the start-up process, you will be able to understand the issues, which is the first step towards the solution.

After the installation of Windows 10, the problems might start up on the system screen with the start-up of the computer. When you try to carry on the process, the error message might pop up on the computer screen with the dll missing entry error. The files which might be stated as missing at the start-up are CBSCreateVC.dll, DAQExp.dll and CBSProductsInfo.dll.

The error message which can also block the normal start-up of the system is 'The procedure entry point apps Initialize could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll'. You might try to get a new wireless adapter driver, but it might fail to load and the connection might get stopped. The 'dll is missing' error should be fixed in order to continue with the start-up.

Once the upgrade of the operating system from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 has been done, the problem might start taking place with the MSVCP100.dll file which might not be found in the computer. This is the reason why the problems can take place with the start-up of the computer. The SFC scanning can come up with this faulty file but with DISM, it might fail to be repaired.

With games and other functionalities

The games are one of the most popular modes of entertainment which involve a lot of preparation as the setup like the graphics card, audio driver, and separate console to control the game and many more. These are controlled by DLL modules and these are capable of bringing in several problems to the core system as well. If anything of the setup has slipped from the computer, the game might fail to run and even to get installed as well.

You can face trouble while playing the games like World of Warcraft and similar ones on your computer. In this case, you might encounter the dll was not found error with d3dx10.dll file. This is related to the DirectX program which is allotted for the graphics and sound.

The issue can even happen while running an advanced version of Call of Duty on your system running with Windows 7, the problem can take place with the version of DirectX which is required but not found in the system. Prepare for the game to start malfunctioning for the same.

Situation with other damaged applications

OneDrive for Business can start malfunctioning also due to the missing DLL files errors. The error might be with the executable file groove.exe, but in the detail of the error, you might found out that the culprit is davclnt.dll which is corrupted in the computer and causing issues to the executable files. The error message with 'dll was not found' error can pop up on the computer screen while trying to start OneDrive in the computer.

When you try to run the application Dolphin in the system, the problem might start cropping up on the computer screen with the missing .dll file error with msvcp140.dll. The download of the C++ 2015 might have been completed but yet you find issues with the application's progress. The application might get frozen and hanged as well due to the same. As the 'dll is missing from your computer' issue is the reason, the fixation of the same can give you a 'trouble-free app execution' experience!

Find an apt fix to the above error

While finding the solution, often you get conned on by the manual methods and the free tools which are offered by several sites. The manual methods are the one which is safer, but there is a risk of implementing the method in the wrong way, and that is enough to invite additional troubles. On the other hand, free tools may look hassle free and easy to handle, but the malware invasion is something which can accompany its installation. Therefore, it is better to go with the dll missing fixer, it is the DLL Suite application that is capable of dealing with missing DLL files in the finest manner.

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