Atikmdag.sys problem

Atikmdag sys error mostly causes BSOD to happen and it can be resolved with the help of the renowned DLL Suite.

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Removing BSOD caused by Atikmdag sys error

BSOD or Blue Screen of Death can occur because of various reasons. It is neither the cause of the problem nor it is the error itself. But when a lethal problem arises and the computer fails to handle the same, it shuts down with BSOD. The cause of a Blue Screen of Death can be viewed in BlueScreenViewer.

Atikmdag sys error is known to cause lots of BSODs. The difficulties can be caused either by software or by hardware driver issues. There may be some other problems too that can be caused by this error.

Windows 10 having BSOD:

After installing Windows 10 on an SSD which is Crucial MX300, it generally works fine. The complication may take place when a high-resolution game such as Counter Strike Global Offensive is played. Firstly, the screen may freeze. But the sound keeps running. Either it recovers from this state or it goes into BSOD.

If the Event Viewer is seen then it will be found that it is an atikmdag sys error. The atikmdag.sys file is not found on the system.

BSOD on Windows 8.1:

An update is a necessity for all the versions of Windows operating system. After installing such an update on a system having Windows 8.1 it keeps getting Blue Screen of Death. The problem is mostly seen on ASUS laptops but can take place on any such device. The BSOD informs about the faulty system files atikmdag.sys and atikmpag.sys that are causing atikmdag sys error.

As a basic troubleshooting method, the AMD driver removal tool can be downloaded to remove all AMD drivers. This can be done by booting up the computer in Safe Mode. But, this is a very basic step and in most of the cases, it does not resolve the error.

Blue Screen followed by a restart:

A computer needs to be restarted for different reasons. Be it a troubleshooting method or installing some software, the PC reboot is a required step. The computer that has Windows 7 installed may sometimes go through BSODs right after it is restarted. Blue Screen can also happen if the system comes out of the Sleep Mode.

By running any free software such as WhoCrashed, it can be seen that the BSODs are caused by atikmdag.sys file. The stop code 0x3b may appear on the screen with the Blue Screen of Death.

Discarding the BSODs:

It is previously mentioned in the article that BSODs are caused by various reasons. But when the known cause of a BSOD is Atikmdag sys error then it should be treated in a particular method. Some manual fixing methods include installing a newer driver or updating the existing driver.

However, if the troubleshooting procedures go wrong by any chance then the system can get badly affected. To avoid such situations, it is recommended to download a trustworthy repair tool that fixes these problems effortlessly. DLL Suite is such a software application that removes Atikmdag sys error from the system. It downloads the necessary drivers to eliminate the problems.

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