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Problems with missing or corrupt DLL files need quick repairing before severe problems show up. If you neglect corrupted DLLs or any system files for too long then the corruption can spread infection to other files. This in turn can cause critical system failures, system crashes and BSOD events. Now, all these are unpleasant error episodes that you want to avoid. And to avoid and prevent such computer errors, you must learn a bit more about them. So here are a few examples of DLL errors which should help you gain some knowledge on the context of computer errors.

Problems with Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is a nifty tool for managing all downloads. Generally, all downloads that are triggered from your browser will stop or fail if the browser or the system is closed. But if you are using Internet Download Manager, then you have the opportunity to pause download and restart them, even after a system reboot. However, Internet Download Manager can show signs of erroneous behavior if some critical files are missing. For example, there are complaints about errors in ntdll.dll file causing an app crash. Now, if you use IDM on a regular basis for downloading purposes then this can prove to be a rather nuisance. In fact, there is no other way to get IDM to work like it used to without repairing dll files.

Cannot Uninstall Kaspersky Antivirus

Sometimes, due to whatever reason you may face a situation when you have to uninstall a software. For the sake of an example, let's consider this case where you need to uninstall Kaspersky. Many people attempting to do so, have faced error messages that inhibit the action. The reports cited that the problem was caused due to some internal errors and fault in 2753.msi_misc.dll file. Similar situations can arise with some other software you use. However, different DLL files might be the culprit in your case. But in both instances, repairing of the faulty DLL files is necessary if you want to fix the issue.

Internet Explorer can't Open All Sites

Since you are a Windows users, chances are you already use Internet Explorer, since it is the default browser for Windows. However any other browser can exhibit these error situation. There have been plenty of complaints from users stating a problem while visiting certain websites. The users also stated that VPN services were not used. There was no error in internet connection as all other apps that require net connectivity was working fine. But it was only with the browser, and that too with select websites that 'connection errors' were reported. Now this issue with internet explorer generally happens with fault in ieframe.dll file. You might experience a different file behind the fault you are experience if you use a different browser.

Problems with Cyberduck

You might be aware of Cyberduck. It is a popular open source client for FTP and SFTP, WebDAV and other cloud storage functionalities. However the program is known to face some app crashes as seen in a multiple number of reports. The problem isn't generally with the program, but rather it is an issue with some faulting system files. For example, some people have reported facing app crashes in Cyberduck due to fault in kernelbase.dll. Similarly issues with the dll file can also warrant app crashes for programs that you use. And so you see, proper repairing dll errors free are necessary to avoid such error instances.

Cannot open LastPass

LastPass is an award-winning password management program. The application helps you to make a list of websites and applications in which you have an account. Then the application will register your login credentials as well as help you generate complex passwords. After that while you try to login to a website or app, that is already registered in your LastPass database, the app will help you to auto login to the server.

As per the above, you will not have to remember any password except one master password, which is that of your Last Pass account. Now imagine if you use the service and LastPass stops working. Then you will be stuck in a situation where you can't use many of your apps and websites. Such situations have happened before and they are reported along with problems in gdiplus.dll file.

Simple Means for Handling These Issues

The problems discussed above are all related to errors in dll files or any other system file for that matter. Similar issues can crop up for you, if you too have missing or corrupted files on your system. Now if you want to safeguard yourself from such problems, or solve a similar case you are currently encountering, then a dedicated software can prove to be helpful. Repairing software like DLL Suite can help replacing defected DLL files on your system easily.

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