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Times come when people had to come across with different issues on their computer system. Generally individuals came to know about these issues with the indication that is appeared before the users by flashing dialogue boxes that includes error messages. Error messages come along with a technical description and an error code that depicts about the issue. If these messages are overlooked, initially one might not find any serious issue, however with time, their computer might face further risk. In order to prevent the PC from any further risks, it is always recommended to fix it at the initial stage of the issue. In this write-up, Windows users can find discussion on varied issues related to the DLL error and its repairing process.

Error while uninstalling software

Times come when users have to come across with issues while uninstalling any software from the computer. According to a Windows user, while trying to uninstall his pre-installed Epson printer software, every time, he is getting error that says runtime dll not found. He tried for customer support, varied forums and different tools, however none could solve this issue.

There are many other users who faced related issues due to DLL errors. In words of another Windows user, while uninstalling Ask.com tool from his computer, he is facing with a repetitive dll error message that there is a problem with his Windows installer package and can't run script and vb is off.

Slowdown of PC

This is the other common issue with DLL error. Be a new PC or a old one, if any DLL file go crashed or missing during any installation process or if any DLL file go corrupt due to virus attack, then this might lead to slow PC usage. There are many Windows users who shares the same issue. If this issue is not repaired on time, total crash to the system might take place.

Computer start-up issue

This is the other common yet crucial issue with the above error. If not resolved this issue, this might bring in risk to the system. In words of another Windows user, whenever he starts up his PC he comes across with two dialogue boxes with the messages like error loading C:\Users\Herb\AppData\Roaming\usdms.dll and C:\Users\Herb\AppData\Roaming\rvfet.dll.

Issues while printing

This issue is a bit unique with the above error. According to a user who runs Windows Vista Home Premium owes a Cannon MP640. While trying to print a mail page from his Comcast email, he failed. He had to come across with a dll error message that an error has occurred in the script on that particular page.

Random crashes and automatic restart

Disturbances while running any important task is quite irritating. Time comes when users have to come across with repetitive crashes and automatic restarts while running any programme. This is quite annoying to handle. Though common, this issue is quite crucial to fix at the very moment. There are many users who had to come across with this issue 6 to 7 times a day.

Problem while installing program

With DLL error, times come when users have to come across with repetitive installation issue. According to a Windows 10 user, whenever he try to install a program like WinZip, he had to come across with an error pop-up saying a bad image.exe dll error.

This user, even came across with issues while trying to use applications like Windows Live Messenger or Skype.

Issue while opening MS Word

Word is one of the important application to do any academic or official tasks. But time comes when DLL error even affect this application as well. There are users who even comes through message pop-ups while trying to open Microsoft Word. According to a Windows 7 user, with the failure in opening MS Word, he faces with wwlibb.dll error message every time. He is using this PC from the past 10 to 12 years, but never ever faced with such an error before. He scanned his PC for virus or malware using CCleaner, but didn't found any satisfying result.

Best repairing solution

It is always risky to head over to free of charge available average tools on the Internet. To find a healthy PC and permanent solution to this error, it is always suggested to install DLL repair tool - DLL Suite. Available in 23 different languages, this amazing tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows. This dll fix tool will not only fix DLL error, but also provide a thorough optimization to the PC.

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