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A quick fix solution for repairing DLL errors is by running the exclusive DLL Suite software on the computing devices.

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Repair Windows from severe DLL faults

For repairing dll errors free, it is important to identify the root cause of the problem and why the problem is occurring again and again. The error usually starts with a separate software entity. DLL errors occur due to malicious malware/virus, if files have been cluttered, not updating drivers from a prolonged period of time and installing unauthentic or pirated version of Windows. If these DLL errors are not fixed on time, they can wreck havoc on your PC.

Issues at the time of launching Microsoft Office application

A resident of California was having serious issues when he tried to start a certain application. As soon as he opened Microsoft Outlook, he would get an error message which said, the program had stopped working and needs to be shut down. He performed a Network reset and it did resolve the issue temporarily, but as soon as he updated Windows again, this error started popping up on his screen. He even performed a system scan, but after that, every time he tried to start Microsoft Outlook in safe mode, he got the same error message and Windows would close the program all of a sudden. Repairing Microsoft Outlook also did not help him get rid of the dll errors.

Another user faced some similar issues when he tried to load a Microsoft Office program. Every time he turned on the program, a message saying, webservices.dll contained an error would pop up. Previously he never encountered this error and he would also pay a bill of $99 to Microsoft Office 365 for its subscription. Even after paying so much money, he was very frustrated because he could not use this application properly. His system also restricted him from performing a Restore. He reinstalled Microsoft Office from the internet, but it did not solve this error from reappearing on screen. He was also not sure on how to find a suitable license or product key to help him with this problem.

Trouble updating Windows

A Windows 10 user was bugged by this error re-appearing on her screen every time. Whenever she tried to install an update of Windows, it would fail miserably and some update files would also not install as hard as she tried. All of a sudden, Windows started to reboot and crash itself. She performed the Sfc/scannow, but it showed her a message saying, there were several DLL files which were corrupted and couldn't be repaired. The notepad.exe program file was also listed as corrupted. After this, she tried falling back to the restore points, but it failed. The Sfc/scannow only showed her the damaged files, but failed replacing/repairing these DLL files. Additional DLL errors also started appearing on her PC.

Another user faced similar issues on his brand new Lenovo laptop. Whenever he tried opening Windows Open and Save dialog box, he would get an error message denoting comctl32.dll is at fault. After running the SFC scan, he found no error. The above application also crashed on its own. On further inspection, he had versions of this DLL that were already installed on the particular system. On the other hand, he couldn't figure out how to replace this particular DLL file which was causing the issue. He wanted to know how to make Windows Open and Save dialog box work properly again. He tried to perform clean boot in Safe Mode but nothing seemed to solve the error.

Manual solutions don't seem to work

A user from Kentucky was constantly bugged by this error message. He was running the latest version of SP3 and was getting the error message DBGHELP.dll was not found. It was possible that this error was being caused due to corrupted system files. He tried repairing this error by inserting Windows XP CD and also tried running sfc /scannow from command prompt. Implementing this method did not help him because it just installed an older version of DBGHELP.dll which was not compatible with the current version of Windows he was using. Also, downloading this DLL file from the internet bought a lot of virus and malware on his PC.

Another user faced a similar problem. She was getting an error message during start up which said, the graphics dll file was not being loaded. She tried to manually install another graphic component from the internet, but this did not fix the error. She also tried clean booting her PC and performed virus and malware scans on her system. Unfortunately nothing could help repairing the damaged DLL files. Other DLL errors like bitsprx.dll, d3d10warp.dll, fdSSDP.dll and mscorec.dll also started appearing on her screen.

Can these errors be fixed?

Repairing dll files may seem to be easier with the help of an appropriate repair tool. It is advisable to download and install the DLL Suite software on the system immediately.

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