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Windows start-up errors triggered due to missing dll files, it should be tackled in the best possible manner and there could be no better choice as compared to DLL Suite to accomplish the same.

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Repair and restore missing Dlls - An effective approach

Initial Round of Discussion:

It used to be that when a PC failed to carry out its intended set of tasks, it wound up sitting on a test bench surrounded by a battalion of test equipment. An experienced technician would be hovering over the PC, logic probe or test-leads in hand. However; with the sky-rocketing advancement in technology, this is no longer the case anymore. These days there are many customized tools available for download which have been designed & developed in a way so that most of the issues interfering with the normal operation of the system can get eliminated from their root origin within a matter of a few minutes and not more. However; for being able to benefit from the superlative available choices, it becomes absolutely necessary to find the best available resource for the sole purpose of downloading the error rectification tool. Before delving any further into any of the major types of issues, which can cripple normal system functioning, it ought to be made clear that dynamic link library files are an inherent part of Windows OS and remain accountable behind making computer operations go on in a smooth way. Furthermore; dynamic link library files were created with the sole intention of implementing the shared file concept, therefore it is a prerequisite to put into effect the apt strategy involved in tackling issues necessarily triggered by missing dlls.

Acrobat Reader Cannot Start:

Acrobat Reader error is a common phenomenon which the gamut of all system users more often than not have to go through. In fact; everytime an attempt is made to open any particular PDF file, a fault message gets highlighted. It states something like - "The launch phase of the application was thwarted and this happened as AGM.dll file was not present at its precise location". As advised by many, it is not that this sort of an issue can get eliminated by reinstalling the application for a number of times. Whenever the concerned system user clicks on the 'OK' button, an error message gets displayed saying something like - "It appears as though Acrobat has simply failed to load its Core DLL component". This is one such scenario wherein it becomes absolutely necessary to adopt the right set of measures, in order, to put to rest the missing dll related problems.

Errors Specific to Crystal Report:

There are many customers who work on a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit desktop PC installed with Crystal Reports XI SP4 for the sole purpose of developing certain types of personalised reports. But, after installing Advantage Reports Driver and attempting to work with the application, Crystal Reports suffers from an inadvertent form of crash and stops to work in a somewhat abrupt fashion. The fault log details contain information as - Exception code 0xc0000374, Fault offset 0x000ce6c3 and Faulting process id 0x2528. This is a type of the fault which in some way or the other remains associated with the ntdll.dll file - implying that there is a hardware unit within the system which is currently in a malfunctioning state. Dealing with similar types of dll missing is absolutely necessary and restarting the computer several times in no way can put to rest this sort of a critical issue from surfacing up over time and again.

GTA V Gaming Application Fault:

More often than not, individuals working on their Windows 8.1 PC boasting of system configuration details such as Intel Core I5 4460 processor and 8 GB RAM, fail to proceed with the launch phase of GTA V in any manner as it results in the 0cx000007b Error Code. The GTA 5 related fault message, which pops-up right in front of the screen, clearly suggests something like - "The application was in no way able to launch properly. Click on 'OK' to close the program". From the Event Viewer section, the following information can be recovered as - Exception code 0xc000007b, Fault offset 0x00000000000ec4e0 and Faulting process id 0xa4c. In order to derive more fault specific information whenever Dependency Walker is used, it results in an error and a warning message to get displayed. The fault message clearly mentions something as - "It appears as though there is at least one delay load dependency module which was not traced" followed by the warning as - "It is quite evident that there is one particular module which has an unresolved import simply because of a missing export function in a delay-load dependent module". Again, this is a scenario wherein it becomes imperative to put to rest the issues categorically related to dll missing file.

How to Fix Such an Issue?

However; critical the fault related to dll is missing, there is no real need to look anywhere else apart from a really effective tool similar to DLL Suite.

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